Lifting off on a new career

Two women, a trainee at T-Systems Switzerland and her colleague.

All throughout the program, experienced Telekom employees act as mentors for trainees, helping them navigate any turbulence.

Apr 30, 2012

The Telekom Group offers a variety of training programs around the world to help new hires launch their careers. At T-Systems Switzerland, trainees get months of support as they climb to their professional goals.

A year-long trainee program at T-Systems Switzerland helps new hires quickly gain altitude in their careers. "Take off!" offers recent graduates not only comprehensive experience in their particular field, but also the opportunity to learn about the company at home and abroad. “Take off! plays a key role in establishing T-Systems’ future generation,” says Human Resources Director Hans-Jürg Schürch.

The Swiss Telekom unit actively recruits recent graduates with an affinity for both technology and English to embark on ICT careers. During their first month, Take off! participants check-in with an initial overview of the company as well as its strategy, products and market.

In the following two months, trainees climb through a variety of five- to ten-day stages that introduce them to the various departments within their future T-Systems Switzerland unit. They're also introduced to teamwork and diversity as a cornerstone of Telekom Group culture.

With a rudimentary knowledge of T-Systems and their own roles, trainees have reached cruising altitude and spend three months learning about their future responsibilities. Gaining practical experience while learning is the main focus of the third phase.

Flying ahead

And in the next three months, trainees have an opportunity to learn first-hand about the global, diverse nature of Telekom – during a foreign work assignment. The time abroad allows trainees to gain inter-cultural experience while expanding their own internal Telekom network. "The many experiences I made while working together with Spanish co-workers every day will benefit me for the rest of my life," says T-Systems Switzerland Product Manager Erik Baier.

In the final three months, trainees get their own roles in on ongoing projects – and carry the joint responsibility for meeting milestones. But the trainees don't have to make a perfect landing every time. All throughout the program, experienced Telekom employees act as mentors for trainees, helping them navigate any turbulence.

Are you a recent graduate with an interest in IT? Then raise your tray table and fasten your seatbelt! The application deadline for the 2012 Take off! program is May 15.