Our Code of Conduct

Group of People

Living the Code of Conduct each and every day - it’s both our ambition and our responsibility!

Fix - Transform - Innovate!
That’s what we want to achieve with the new Group strategy.

The key to company success lies in a Group-wide company culture that is characterized by integrity, ethics and personal responsibility. The ethical requirements that pertain to business operations and the workplace are becoming increasingly complex.

Our Code of Conduct is the framework for guiding the behavior of all people in the Deutsche Telekom Group. It joins our standard of respecting laws and regulations with the special requirements regarding ethical behavior and with the five Guiding Principles that enable our success in business. It is a demand that we make of ourselves as well as a promise that we communicate to those outside the company.

Our Code of Conduct is dynamic; it is not closed to new behavioral norms. Legal norms can transform over time, and new regulations can serve to clearly define behavioral requirements.

Being part of the Deutsche Telekom Group and sharing its identity requires that each and every individual accept responsibility. We are aware that a single incident of misconduct can damage not only our success, but also the reputation that the company has acquired through the commitment demonstrated by our people on a daily basis. We have to adhere to behavioral standards. Misconduct will therefore not be tolerated.