Inspired for education

A young boy looks at an insect in a beaker.

The Deutsche Telekom Foundation supports researchers large and small.

The objective of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation is to promote education, science and research in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)—from preschool education to scholarships for gifted students.

The Deutsche Telekom Foundation is committed to supporting education in Germany as a center of education in the following five categories: "early education", "lessons and more", "teacher training", "talent promotion" and "impetus."

Providing an initial impetus
To strengthen early STEM education, the Deutsche Telekom Foundation cooperates with child daycare facilities. It provides educators with modern learning materials and concepts and offers appropriate training measures.

Inspiring enthusiasm
With its scholastic and extracurricular activities, the Foundation hopes to awaken interest for STEM subjects among school children. The use of new forms of teaching and learning is to help form the foundation for successful ongoing education.
Top education – for teachers and school children
A good education system starts with the training and ongoing education of the teachers. For this reason, the Deutsche Telekom Foundation is committed to improving teacher education in the STEM subjects at our partner universities.

Promoting talent
The Deutsche Telekom Foundation promotes young talent by awarding scholarships and grants to young, talented scientists and students training to be STEM subject teachers. It supports young people from immigrant families and looks after young people with a special talent in mathematics.

Setting impetus
With the ultimate goal of strengthening education, research and science in Germany in the long term, the Deutsche Telekom Foundation is involved in initiatives and projects that help promote a better understanding of STEM subjects.