Counter-motions and nominations for election

Counter-motions and nominations for election in accordance with § 126 and § 127 of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz – AktG) submitted to the shareholders' meeting ofDeutsche Telekom AGto be held in Cologne, Germany on May 15, 2014

tThe notice convening the Company's shareholders' meeting and the management's motions for resolution was published in the electronic Federal Gazette on April 4, 2014. Counter-motions and/or nominations for election have been sent to the Company at the address stipulated in the convocation. Insofar as the counter-motions and nominations for election submitted are to be made available, we list them below, including the name of the respective shareholder and any reasons given.

If you wish to authorize the proxies appointed by the Company to act as your proxy, please note the following: You can use the voting instructions form issued or the Internet Dialog platform to issue instructions to the Company's proxies in connection with the counter-motions and nominations for election given below. You can also use the voting instructions form available on the Internet

You can endorse counter-motions that are exclusively intended for rejecting the motions of the management by instructing to vote "no" to the management's motions for resolution in the respective agenda items.

Counter-motions that do not just reject the proposal of the management altogether, but which are aimed at bringing about amended resolutions, as well as nominations for election, are identified below using letters. To issue instructions to the Company's proxies for the event that the counter-motions or nominations for election identified using letters are put forward for approval at the shareholders' meeting, please also indicate your vote by checking the box/clicking on the check box next to the letter of the counter-motion or nomination for election on your voting instructions form/in the Internet Dialog.

If a counter-motion or nomination for election on which you wish to vote is identified differently in the list below, please enter this manually on the voting instructions form in one of the fields provided specifically for this purpose and check the relevant box to indicate your vote. The voting instruction options in the Internet Dialog portal will be automatically amended accordingly.

If you are using your voting instructions form to issue instructions to a bank or shareholders' association or a person or association with the same status as these pursuant to § 135 or § 135 in conjunction with § 125 (5) AktG, and wish to have your voting rights also exercised on any of the counter-motions or nominations for election identified with letters, please verify beforehand not only whether, and on what conditions, the proxy is prepared to represent your voting right, but also, if relevant, to what extent the proxy is also prepared to represent your voting right in connection with the counter-motions or nominations for election concerned.

If you wish to attend the shareholders' meeting personally, but would like to leave before the end, the voting card pad handed out to you upon entering the shareholders' meeting also enables you to authorize the proxies appointed by the Company to act as your proxy and issue instructions to these proxies in connection with the counter-motions and nominations for election given below. The Chair of the meeting will provide the relevant information on this procedure.

If you have any questions regarding the shareholders' meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated hotline on +49-228-81-55770 Monday through Friday (except on public holidays) from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Last update: April 22, 2014

The shareholder Franz Prox, Limburg, submitted the following counter-motion on items 3 and 4 on the agenda:

Counter-motion on items 3 and 4 on the agenda

"Re: shareholders' meeting on May 15, 2014

Motion to the shareholders' meeting.

Proposal to all shareholders!!

Do not approve the actions of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management!!

Reasons for this proposal:

1. Lack of action to prevent customer desertion.

2. Lack of action to cushion the development of a poor image across all media. This has a strong impact on the price of the T-Share.
All too often we hear, see or read of mistakes, unacceptable situations, ongoing unfriendliness in customer services or simply situations where "quite simply, nothing happens" in various media.
There is simply a lack of appropriate supervision on site of the "little man" by people sitting round big tables and/or raking in enormous salaries.

3. Poor, in some cases miserable, commercial behavior that's not in line with what the practical situation calls for, but is straight out of a text book, is what defines the poor image of the management and supervisory bodies and the entire management. Clearly incorrect bills should, according to the principles of an honest business, be canceled immediately with no ifs and buts, and immediately prepared again correctly and replaced. Instead, however, they try to sit out the mistakes and omissions – and that is tolerated by the auditors and the Supervisory Board.
But the customer isn't dependent on Telekom, he's certainly not one of its serfs and he's not in the business of lending money to Telekom.
Those responsible at Telekom – the management and the administration – forget that they are in a service function because they're too busy cashing in their salaries.

4. Mr. Obermann, his cohorts and courtiers should be dismissed immediately due to points 2 and 3.
Reason: failure to take appropriate measures to get Telekom fit as a company and improve customer service through supervisory measures on site, not just by sitting around big tables, thereby making Telekom one of the top telecommunications companies again.
Or has Mr. Obermann (who earns about 2,700,000) ever deigned to talk in person to a customer left in the lurch by Telekom and therefore to contribute to improving Telekom's (or rather, his Telekom's) poor image?

5. Motion to appoint a new Board of Management that has not risen through the ranks of Deutsche Telekom, but should be brought in from the German service sector or German industry.
These ladies and gentlemen generally know what customers expect from Deutsche Telekom.

6. Termination of advertising activities with Bayern Munich.

The club and its players earn enough money to support themselves.

It's just not worth the money; the advertising on the shirts and the banners has hardly brought Telekom a single new customer. That's what I think and I'm in no doubt that I'm right.

A more beneficial form of advertising would be to make the money available to charitable associations and institutions, support campaigns and programs and above all, and that's the main thing, to invest it in improving service.

That brings in new customers.

No, I can't do it better than those responsible, but I wouldn't just sit at a big table, raking in my salary, I would be out supervising at grass roots level."


This document is a convenience translations of the German original. 

In case of discrepancy between the English and German version, the German version shall prevail.

Der Aktionär Franz Prox, Limburg, hat folgenden Gegenantrag zu den Tagesordnungspunkten 3 und 4 übersandt:

Gegenantrag zu Tagesordnungspunkten 3 und 4

„Betr.: Jahreshauptversammlung der Aktionäre am 15.05.2014

Antrag an die Jahreshauptversammlung.

Vorschlag an alle Aktionäre!!

Keine Entlastung für den Aufsichtsrat und den Vorstand!!

Gründe für diesen Vorschlag:

1. Es fehlen Maßnahmen zur Verringerung der Kundenflucht.

2. Fehlende Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der schlechten Imagebildung bei den Medien aller Art. Dies beeinflusst stark den Kurs der T-Aktie.

Zu oft sind in den verschiedensten Medien Fehler, Missstände, lange andauernde Kundendienstunfreundlichkeiten oder auch „es passiert einfach nichts“, zu hören, zu sehen oder auch zu lesen.

Es fehlt einfach eine ordnungsgemäße Dienstaufsicht vor Ort, beim „kleinen Mann“ durch Leute, die „am grünen Tisch“ sitzen und/aber einen immensen Lohn einstreichen.

3. Schlechtes, teils miserables, nicht wie es die Praxis eigentlich fordert, sondern der Schulbank entspringendes  Kaufmannsgebaren prägt das Nichtansehen der Führungs- und Aufsichtsriege und des gesamten Management. Rechnungen, die eindeutig falsch sind, sollten nach alter Kaufmannsehre sofort und ohne wenn und aber storniert und sofort korrekt erstellt und ersetzt werden. Man versucht jedoch, die Mängel und Unvollkommenheiten einfach auszusitzen, was einfach durch die Prüfer und den Aufsichtsrat toleriert wird.

Der Kunde ist aber kein Telekom – Abhängiger, geschweige denn ein  Leibeigener und auch kein Kreditinstitut der Telekom.

Die Verantwortlichen der Telekom – Führung und Verwaltung vergessen vor lauter „Lohn  einstreichen“, dass sie eine dienende Funktion haben.

4. Wegen der Punkte 2 und 3 sollte die sofortige Entlassung des H. Obermann und seiner Mitstreiter und Höflingen beschlossen werden.

Grund, Unterlassung von entsprechenden Maßnahmen, die die Telekom zu einem fitten Unternehmen machen und den Service gegenüber den Kunden durch Dienstaufsicht führenden Maßnahmen direkt vor Ort und nicht am grünen Tisch und dadurch wieder an die Spitze aller Telekommunikationsunternehmen führt.

Oder hat sich Herr Obermann (Verdienst ca. 2 700000.- €) für dieses Gehalt schon einmal herabgelassen, einen von der Telekom im Stich gelassenen Kunden persönlich zu befragen und so dazu beigetragen, das unerfreuliche Image der Telekom (oder seiner Telekom?) zu verbessern?

5. Beschluss zur Verpflichtung eines neuen Vorstandes, welcher nicht aus der Telekom aufsteigt sondern, aus dem deutschen Dienstleistungssektor oder der deutschen Industrie kommen sollte.

Diese Damen oder Herren wissen im allgemeinen was die Kunden von der Telekom erwarten.

6. Abbrechen der Werbung bei Bayern München.

Der Verein und seine Spieler verdienen genügend Geld um sich selber zu tragen.

Schade ums Geld, denn durch diese Trikot oder Bandenwerbung ist wohl bisher kaum ein Neukunde für die Telekom geworben worden. Ich behaupte das und habe mit meiner Behauptung garantiert Recht.

Werbewirksamer wäre, das Werbegeld gemeinnützigen Vereinen und Institutionen, Hilfsaktionen und Hilfsprogrammen zur Verfügung zu stellen und vor allem und das ist der Hauptpunkt, den Service zu verbessern.

Das wirbt Neukunden.


Nein, ich kann es nicht besser machen als die Verantwortlichen, aber ich würde auf keinen Fall am „grünen Tisch“ mein Gehalt einstreichen, sondern auch an der Basis Dienstaufsicht machen.“

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