More enjoyable shopping at Real

Cell phone display shows shopping tips.

A smart phone app tells users about special offers and guides customers to the nearest Real supermarket.

The Mobile Shopping Assistant (MSA), jointly developed by T-Systems and the METRO GROUP, is special software for cell phones.

Customers can use their cell phone's camera to scan items themselves before they put them in their cart. The MSA software then calculates the total amount for their cart or basket automatically.

The intelligent shopping assistant is linked to the merchandise management system and customers therefore no longer need to place their items on the belt. When the "End shopping session" key is pressed, the cell phone display shows a barcode which is scanned at the checkout in order to bill the total amount of the purchases.

Another T-Systems solution makes it possible to download apps from Real onto an iPhone and use various online services. This way, your cell phone guides you to the nearest Real supermarket, special offers or celebrity chef recipes. Ingredients can be transferred directly into a "Mobile shopping list". T-Systems won the 2010 Innovation Award of the METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative for these two solutions.

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