Results of voting at shareholders' meeting of Deutsche Telekom AG on May 24, 2012 in Cologne

May 24, 2012

Of the stock capital in the amount of 4,321,319,206 shares, 2,692,081.513 shares were represented at the vote on the proposals of the management (Items 2 to 14). This equals a presence of 62.30 percent of the capital stock for voting.

ResultValid votes total Valid votes in % of capital stock"Yes" votes total"Yes" votes in % of valid votes"No" votes total "No" votes in % of valid votes
On Item 2: Appropriation of net incomeaccepted2,653,501,51661.402,644,850,50899.678,651,0080.33
On Item 3: Approval of the actions of the Board of Management for the 2011 financial yearaccepted2,680,158,24862.022,672,857,32499.737,300,9240.27
On Item 4: Approval of the actions of Dr. Klaus Zumwinkel, who resigned from the Supervisory Board, for the 2008 financial yearaccepted2,674,508,49261.892,660,362,94099.4714,145,5520.53
On Item 5: Approval of the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board for the 2011 financial yearaccepted2,652,156,34761.372,644,584,74799.717,571,6000.29
On Item 6: Appointment of the independent auditor and the Group auditoraccepted2,676,796,07761.942,633,212,98598.3743,583,0921.63
On Item 7: Authorization to aquire own sharesaccepted2,683,035,28462.092,609,196,70797.2573,838,5772.75
On Item 8: Authorization to use equity derivates to acquire own shares with possible exclusion of any right to tender sharesaccepted2,682,405,17262.072,618,678,05597.6263,727,1172.38
On Item 9: Election of a Supervisory Board member (Dr. Beus)accepted2,651,708,92761.362,239,579,90284.46412,129,02515.54
On Item 10: Election of a Supervisory Board member (Dagmar P. Kollmann)accepted2,654,570,35961.432,630,972,24099.1123,598,1190.89
On Item 11: Election of a Supervisory Board member (Lawrence H. Guffey)accepted2,654,339,86861.422,612,287,72498.4242,052,1441.58
On Item 12: Approval to conclude a control agreement with Scout24 Holding GmbHaccepted2,683,244,25362.092,682,157,33999.961,086,9140.04
On Item 13: Amendment to § 2 (1) of the Articles of Incorporation by adding a new sentence 2accepted2,682,749,50562.082,678,064,91199.834,684,5940.17
On Item 14: Amendment to § 2 (1) sentence 1 of the Articles of Incorporationaccepted2,682,462,64962.082,678,169,10599.844,293,5440.16