Philipp Schindera

Philipp Schindera

Senior Vice President Communications Deutsche Telekom.

  • Stephan Broszio

    Stephan Broszio

    Vice President Corporate Press

  • Andreas Leigers

    Andreas Leigers

    Head of Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Nico Göricke

    Nico Göricke

    Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Andreas Fuchs

    Andreas Fuchs

    Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Philipp Blank

    Philipp Blank

    Regulation, data privacy, data security

  • Andreas Middel

    Andreas Middel

    Political Communication, Regulation

  • Alexia Sailer

    Alexia Sailer

    Data privacy, data security

  • Philipp Kornstaedt

    Philipp Kornstädt

    USA, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Anne Geelen

    Anne Geelen

    Europe & Technology

  • Elpida Trizi

    Elpida Trizi

    South and Eastern Europe

  • Stephan Althoff

    Stephan Althoff

    Vice President Telekom Deutschland, Products & Innovation

  • Frank Domagala

    Frank Domagala

    Telekom Deutschland

  • Markus Jodl

    Markus Jodl


  • Niels Hafenrichter

    Niels Hafenrichter

    Technology, SmartHome

  • Malte Reinhardt

    Malte Reinhardt


  • Dirk Wende

    Dirk Wende


  • Michaela Weidenbrueck

    Michaela Weidenbrück


  • Georg von Wagner

    Georg von Wagner

    Sales and Service

  • Marion Kessing

    Marion Kessing


  • Verena Fulde

    Verena Fulde-Abs


  • Lisa Machnig

    Lisa Machnig


  • Caroline Bergmann

    Caroline Bergmann

    Business customers

  • Rene Bresgen

    René Bresgen

    Brand, Sponsoring

Regional contacts

  • Stefanie Halle

    Stefanie Halle

    North region

  • Georg von Wagner

    Georg von Wagner

    East region

  • André Hofmann

    André Hofmann

    West region

  • George-Stephen McKinney

    George-Stephen McKinney

    Middle region

  • Markus Jodl

    Markus Jodl

    South region

  • Harald Lindlar

    Harald Lindlar

    Vice President Enterprise solutions

  • Alexia Sailer

    Alexia Sailer

    Cyber Security

  • Dirk Becker

    Dirk Becker


  • Frank Leibiger

    Frank Leibiger

    Cloud Computing

  • Lisa Machnig

    Lisa Machnig

    Telecommunications, Collaboration

  • Martina Weidmann

    Martina Weidmann

    Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0

  • Nicole Schmidt

    Nicole Schmidt

    Data Analytics, Cloud Computing

  • Rainer Knirsch

    Rainer Knirsch

    Health, Public authority

  • Sandra Rohrbach

    Sandra Rohrbach

    Connected Car, Industry 4.0

  • Stefan Koenig

    Stefan König

    CEO Communications, Industry 4.0

  • Andrea Vey

    Andrea Vey

    Vice President Communication HR

  • Christian Schwolow

    Christian Schwolow

    HR-Startegy, international HR topics

  • Husam Azrak

    Husam Azrak

    Recruiting, raining and Development,  Employer Brand

  • Christian Fischer

    Christian Fischer

    Health, Education

  • Peter Kespohl

    Peter Kespohl

    Diversity, Fair Share,  Union Negotiation, Restructuring

  • Katja Werz

    Katja Werz

    Corporate Responsibility

  • Yvonne Duden

    Yvonne Duden

    Corporate Responsibility

  • Husam Azrak

    Husam Azrak

    Spokesperson, contact TV and radio editorial departments

  • Werner Bierwirth

    Werner Bierwirth

    TV and footage

  • Henning Müller

    Henning Müller

    TV and footage

  • Thomas Ollendorf

    Thomas Ollendorf


  • Evelyn Ebert Meneses

    Evelyn Ebert Meneses


  • Andreas Kadelke

    Andreas Kadelke


  • Michaela Kühn

    Michaela Kühn

    Social Media

  • Lena Raschke

    Lena Raschke

    Social Media

  • Luisa Vollmar

    Luisa Vollmar



Deutsche Telekom

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  • Aug 11, 2016

    2nd Quarter 2016: Financial report as of June 30

  • Sep 02, 2016 - Sep 07, 2016


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