Evaluating vast amounts of data in real time

Mar 05, 2012

SAP has developed a solution that makes it possible to analyze mass data at lightning speed. At CeBIT, T-Systems is showing how this system accesses hundreds of millions of data records and evaluates them live at the stand.

All over the world, information volumes are growing exponentially. The list of companies that need to process and evaluate vast amounts of SAP data in real time is long. Logistics companies analyze commodity flows and use the data to control their delivery, production and sales processes. Energy providers process data from millions of smart meters and decentralized suppliers (wind and solar energy generators), enabling them to manage and control the electrical power produced in their own generating plants. Other companies that need fast access to information include banks and manufacturing and telecommunications enterprises. Up to now, most traditional systems were unable to handle this task. As a result, ad-hoc analyses of mass data proved highly time-consuming and costly.

This situation prompted the Walldorf-based software corporation to develop SAP HANATM, an in-memory computing solution that makes it possible to evaluate data up to 3,500 times faster than before. Analyses are executed in the server's main memory within milliseconds instead of on the slower hard drives. Business enterprises can use the solution, for example, to perform queries on 500 billion data records with response times of less than a minute. There is no need for them to use databases, even for compute-intensive operations.

Solution for Procurement Controlling
T-Systems has designed a reporting solution based on in-memory technology for controlling in Procurement. To date, strategic decision-makers or employees deployed in operational purchasing had to rely on data from various different systems, which had to be consolidated and edited in an extremely time-consuming process. Now they can access a universal source and evaluate any volume of data virtually in real time. Ad-hoc analyses can be performed and output to attractive graphics within a few seconds and visualized on various front-end tools. This makes it easier for buyers to react to the latest business trends and to benefit from suppliers' early payment and volume discounts. In doing so, they succeed in purchasing with maximum cost efficiency, so that the company has more money left to make strategic investments in its core business.

The solution is also suitable for use in other company divisions, since it processes any type of time-critical data. Alongside procurement information, this includes quality, sales and manufacturing indicators. It can be integrated in existing hardware and software landscapes. T-Systems is happy to advise companies planning to deploy the solution and will also assume responsibility for operations, if required.

If users obtain the HANA solution through a secure private cloud from T-Systems, they can also perform evaluations anywhere on a tablet computer or smartphone (mobile device) as well as on a PC web browser. The Corporate Customers division at Deutsche Telekom is one of the first ICT providers worldwide to operate a SAP-certified cloud environment that is now being extended to SAP HANA TM.

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