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Deutsche Telekom offers the position of a ‘Generative AI Expert’ in the department Product Innovation & Customer Experience (PIC):

· You will be a part of the Generative AI center of expertise with the mission of exploring leading-edge Generative AI technologies, to build new products offering superior customer experience and driving internal efficiency. Our goal is to become a leader in our industry and beyond in leveraging the power of Generative AI.

· You bring extensive expertise in Generative AI technologies of 2+ years and an even longer track record in data science, with significant hands-on experience in developing and orchestrating Generative AI models.

· You have significant experience and understanding of large language / transformer models, cloud-based development, as well as a strong attitude of acting fast and being results-driven.

· You enjoy working together with an international team of senior experts in the field of Generative AI, mobile working flexibility, as well plenty of opportunities for learning and exchanges at both industry and academic events.


· The key tasks will be developing innovative products, services, and internal efficiency solutions based on Generative Artificial Intelligence technologies. With every product and service we build, we aim for significant scale within our potential user base of tens of millions of customers across many countries, or among our 200m+ employees worldwide.

· In building such products and services, you will be in charge of leveraging our outstanding wealth of customer and other data, in a secure, safe, and privacy-compliant way — along our vision of human-centered technology.

· You will be a pivotal part of the spear-heading Generative AI development team of Deutsche Telekom, working in close cooperation with other key AI experts as well as subject matter experts of areas across the company building product and services with and for the latter.

· You will be expected to provide key guidance on how to use cutting-edge Generative AI technologies in building telco-grade, strongly scaling products, and to efficiently execute the AI / data science components of such product/services developments. Those will include: Generative AI model/architecture selection, training/fine-tuning data set design and preparation, training pipeline design/setup, training/fine-tuning execution, meta-parameter optimization, design and development of model orchestration technology (using Langchain or similar technologies) for e.g. non-parametric knowledge retrieval and tool access, testing, etc.



· Comprehensive and deep expert knowledge and 2+ years of experience in Generative AI technologies and 4+ years of experience in data science, with significant and extended hands-on experience in developing Generative AI models and potentially supportive/orchestrating technologies of the latter.

· Ideally extensive experience in building scaling products based on Generative AI technologies.

· Solid experience in software development, Open Source programming languages.

· Strong knowledge of cloud technologies like AWS, Azure etc.

· Experience in managing stakeholder expectations by being highly flexible as well as driving proactive and reactive communication. Being able and motivated to facilitate difficult discussions within the team or with diverse senior stakeholders.

· Extensive and long-term experience in multi-cultural environments.

· Excellent communication skills in leading AI technology/strategy discussions in development teams and in meetings with senior management. Should be able to explain complex topics in “crisp simple” language to top management.

· Strong community engagement in open source is highly appreciated.

· Strong track record working in virtual settings across globally distributed teams, strong social and interpersonal/intercultural skills.

· Able to act quickly, set new technical directions, empower the team to make decisions and aid the team with smart but fast decisions and engage in focused experimentation.

· Results Driven - confident, thrives on hard work and consistent challenge, and is quick on his/her feet. Monitors quantitative progress measures and acts quickly on deviations from plan.

· Creative thinking to push the envelope of Generative AI model optimization and products (e.g. novel architectures, loss functions, or training techniques).

· Ability and drive to balance AI and product development with ethical considerations (e.g. understanding potential biases, fairness issues, privacy concerns, and societal impacts).

· Fluency in English is a must.

· Technology education: Ideally mathematical, natural science, and/or engineering university degree; PhD in machine learning or similar highly welcome.


Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Generative Models:

• A strong understanding of deep learning principles and neural network architectures.

• Knowledge of convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and particularly of cutting-edge, large language / transformer models.

• Understanding how to design, train, and optimize/fine-tune these networks.

• Knowledge of training techniques (e.g. backpropagation, optimization algorithms).

Natural Language Processing:

  • Text Pre-processing: tokenization, stemming, lemmatization, stop-word removal.
  • Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis: Ability to develop and implement algorithms for text classification tasks (i.e.: sentiment analysis, topic classification, or intent recognition).
  • Information Retrieval and Extraction: Proficiency in techniques for information retrieval and extraction, including embedding models and respective vector databases, search algorithms, information retrieval models (e.g., TF-IDF, BM25), or entity linking techniques.
  • Machine Translation: Familiarity with machine translation techniques, including statistical machine translation (SMT) and neural machine translation (NMT).

· Dialog Systems: Expertise in building conversational AI systems, including chatbots or virtual assistants, that can engage in human-like conversations.

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Über uns

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Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services was established in 2015 as part of Deutsche Telekom Group, Technology & Innovation Area, and part of Technology Delivery International (TDI).

TDI is a collection of experts teams spread across Europe, working together collaboratively with our NatCos (national companies) to enable relevant technologies for the delivery of core telco services to our customers in our many markets. DT Cloud Services focuses on building and scaling cloud based and network service platforms, delivering best network performance through continues optimization. We delight our customers by enabling innovative network automation solutions across the European Telco footprint. Besides the headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia there are other DT Cloud Srvices affiliated companies across Europe, and together with the TDI team in Germany, we leverage the power of all teams to provide best in class technology solutions.

Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services bundles key competencies for future tech projects within the area of Technology & Innovation. Anchoring skill developments in learning opportunities on- and off-of-the job, is deeply imbedded in our corporate culture. Therefore, the technical experts, who are organized in chapters and tribes, are flexibly and effectively enabled to contribute towards Group's strategic focus of digitalization, cloudification and automation to become the Leading European Telco.

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Please be informed that by replying to the job offer, the company Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services s.r.o. with its registered seat at Ružová dolina 6, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia, ID no. (IČO): 48 129 178 (the “Company”) will process your personal data in the following scope: academic title, name, surname, photography, contact details (e-mail address, address, phone number), information about achieved education, previous working experience, other information that are included in your CV/motivation letter, information obtained during the online assessment, and so for the purpose of participation in a selection process for the job position that you are applying for.

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Depending on the location, where the position for which you apply is open, your data will be processed by the respective local Cloud Services entity as a controller. The respective Cloud Services entity is one of the following entities:

  • For positions in Greece: Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services EE, having its seat at Fragkoklisias str. 9, 15125 Marousi of Attica, Athens, Greece
  • For positions in Romania: Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services S.R.L. having its seat at B-dul. Dimitrie Pompei nr. 9-9A, Iride Business Park Cladirea 20, Floor 3, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania
  • For positions in Croatia: Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services d.o.o. having its seat at Radnicka cesta 21, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • For positions in Hungary: Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services Kft. having its seat at 1117 Budapest, Infopark sétány 3, Hungary
  • For positions in Poland Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services Sp. z o.o. having its seat at ul. Marynarska 12, 02-674 Warsaw, Poland.

All other information about processing of your data provided above apply regardless of Cloud Services entity as controller.

Contact for provision of additional information about the protection and processing of your personal data is:

Contact for provision of additional information about the protection and processing of your personal data is: Additional information about data privacy you can find on the following link.


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