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Internal Product Manager - Leadership Journey Tribe - Global HR

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Internal Product Manager has responsibility for the complete Life Cycle Management of one or more of internal people development products. Holder of the position steers all necessary steps – from ideation to prototyping, up to design, implementation, operations and phase-out of a product. Internal Product Manager takes on the communication (also across team boundaries) and cooperations with all relevant stakeholders on a global scale. 

Key accountabilities

  • Initiates and manages new product developments
  • Plans and coordinates product introductions
  • Is able to devise and aligns a thrilling communication strategy
  • Ensures close consultation of internal customers and stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle
  • Consults internal stakeholders on skilling related topics
  • Carry out and analyze benchmarks in the context of product optimization
  • Analyzes business needs and aligns them cross company wide
  • Ensures overall quality and economical guidelines and constantly optimize the product towards this criteria
  • Manages complex projects in an agile environment
  • Contributes to the content of the (re)design of learning initiatives
  • Steers internal vendors and partners for the service delivery scope
  • Forms and maintains learning communities
  • Actively promotes the products and activities inside and outside the organization
  • Ensures connection of learners in a community setup
  • Drives commitment throughout the learning journey of all participants
  • Has connection with senior subject matter experts and connect them to the learners during the journey
  • Plan/monitor budgets for the assigned products; approve budgets in the scope of the planned budget and ensure quality and cost effectiveness, including commercially optimizing the assigned products


  • Possibility of Teleworking or Home office
  • Cafeteria - individual financial benefit
  • Trainings and development opportunities (Coursera, Percipio full access for free)
  • Pension savings contribution
  • Extra vacation days
  • Referral bonus /financial/
  • Discounts at various providers in Košice
  • Team buildings online
  • Work-life Program and Coaching
  • Health Weeks
  • Sport Activities
  • Weekend Events
  • Doctors at workplace
  • Credit card
  • Rotations possibilities

For more information about benefits -

Final salary is negotiable. 
We are offering base salary depending on seniority level and previous experience of candidate. In addition to base salary we provide variable part and other financial benefits. Base salary will not be lower than 1500€/brutto.


Soft skills

  • Managing and planning - Expert
  • Communication - Expert
  • Assertiveness - Advanced
  • Team player - Expert

Other skills

  • Agile methods - Basic


  • English - Expert (C1)

Other criteria or requirements

  • German  language is  an  advantage
  • Social  science,  HR-development or  business  background, technical  background  also is  beneficial
  • Experience in UX  Design  and /  or Data  Analytics  beneficial
  • Experience in implementing  or designing  complex  learning  formats  (including  provider  selection)
  • Experience in Works  Council  and social  partner  collaboration  is  beneficial
  • Quick  adaptor of  new  technical  or scientific  fields  of  knowledge
  • Experience in managing, steering  and implementing  projects  and or  products  on  an  international  and intercultural  level  with  a high  sense of  customer orientation
  • Experience in managing  and influencing  of  large communities  of  people

Was wir bieten

  • Homeoffice/Mobile Working möglich

    Egal ob im Büro oder von einem anderen Ort - mobiles Arbeiten ist bei uns kein Problem. Die Arbeit im Homeoffice gehört zu unserem beruflichen Alltag und wird durch digitale Plattformen unterstützt.

  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten

    Gestaltungsspielraum für berufliche und private Herausforderungen - mit unseren flexiblen Arbeitszeitmodellen ermöglichen wir selbstbestimmtes Arbeiten. So, wie es zum Leben und der aktuellen Situation passt.

  • Weiterbildungsangebote

    Lebenslanges Lernen ist für uns unverzichtbar. Ob vor Ort oder digital. Wir bieten eine große Anzahl an Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten - vom Seminar bis hin zum berufsbegleitenden Studium.

Über uns

Über uns

Deutsche Telekom Systems Solutions Slovakia s.r.o. is one of the two legal entities promoted under one brand Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia. Our parent company Deutsche Telekom AG decided to take strategic steps towards structural change, which resulted in the splitting of T-Systems Slovakia into two legal entities, operating, as of July 1, 2020. Our original brand T-Systems Slovakia has been inextricably linked with Kosice region since January 2006. We proved this the very next year, when we became one of the founding members of Košice IT Valley association. Over the last decade, we have managed to grow from scratch to being the second largest employer in the eastern part of the country. At the same time, with more than 3,900 employees, we are one of the top fifteen largest employers in Slovakia. Thanks to our highly qualified and motivated employees, we are the company with the fastest growth in added value within the IT industry in Slovakia. Our goal is to proactively find new ways to improve and continuously transform into the type of company providing innovative services.

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Simona Vranovská

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