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Your tasks:

  • Act as a trusted advisor at a CxO level for deals, opportunities, and innovation
  • Influence key stakeholders through inspirational storytelling highlighting customer business value
  • Analyse customer requirements and potential needs to abstract, simplify and establish interconnections and resolve to a simply communicable essence
  • Take ownership for and develop innovative, multi-stream solutions based on customer requirements or market evolution
  • Create business/enterprise-wide transformation roadmaps
  • Analyse and optimise technical solutions to support the business case and wider customer benefits
  • Speak at internal, or external events, presentations and training sessions



  • A minimum of 10 years' experience in relevant IT-related sales and a minimum of 3 years working in a recognised top tier cloud / digital services provider. Ideally to have worked for a minimum of two different companies over their career
  • Broad business acumen across several industries
  • Held sales leader role on transactions over €30m TCV in the past 5 years
  • Provide customer testimonials / references demonstrating impact they have directly had in large sales pursuits over the past 3 years
  • Demonstrate examples of notable contributions / interventions they have made to persuade customers and win their confidence
  • A good understanding of sales methodologies, tools and techniques used in capturing, assessing and developing sales leads and opportunities
  • Holds relevant internationally recognized industry and vendor certifications  
  • Holds at least a bachelor’s degree ideally in ICT, business, engineering, or sciences

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Über uns

Über uns

The Large Deal Hunter a proven sales expert and thought-leader in complex business-IT transformations within business development in variety of sourcing/procurement scenarios. formal procurements and consultancy activities. They are highly experienced in business development, framing strategies and solutions for customers focussing on real business value, and identifying transform needs. To fulfil this, they must have a broad understanding of the cloud and digital services market including business, applications, technology, organisation, people, and governance

The Large Deal Hunter Sales Leader:

  • Demonstrates the ability to think strategically about the customer’s long-term business needs and understands how to bring together a proposition best meeting needs and T-Systems capabilities
  • Can spot the early signs of a client opportunity and then has the ability to orchestrate and steer a focused team to bring together the best solution, commercial proposition and execution plan to satisfy customer needs and outperform the competition
  • Attempts to avoid procurements progressing to RfX situations where the ability to influence client thinking becomes more restrictive and competitors may have become more well positioned
  • Possesses the presence and gravitas to operate at CxO level, both internally and externally, communicating the benefits and business value of the solution to a variety of technical and business audiences through compelling proposals, workshops and presentations
  • Actively keeps abreast of market trends, developments and competitor positioning to ensure T-Systems is best positioned in highly competitive situations and able to illustrate differentiation and bring out unique selling propositions (USPs)
  • Thrives on opportunity for early engagement and is able to deal with ambiguity and rapidly changing circumstances which commonly exist in early stages of procurements. Requires tenacity, courage and rapid thinking to be able to demonstrate understanding, influence and maturity of client thinking.
  • Identifies transformational aspects of clients needs and is able to articulate and package these in a way to best suit client needs

The Large Deal Hunter Sales Leader is the head the core team that defines what T-Systems offers to the most strategic customers through the most strategic deals. Customers typically range between larger international conglomerates and smaller emerging organisations considered as strategic bets for T-Systems. In all cases this may be on a global will often necessitate international travel and appreciation of cultural / regional operating condition.

The Large Deal Hunter Sales Leader will typically come from a traditional sales-oriented type-role and will additionally have built more of a ‘new logo hunter’ profile. It is this background experience combined with a strong technology services market background that makes the difference. Our focus on customer centricity drives and inspires our teams and partners to produce exceptional results.

Embrace and live our T-Mindset:

  • Outward: See people as people with their own needs, objectives and challenges. A focus on our results. Change starts with me.
  • Growth: See our and others’ abilities talents and intelligence as attributes that we can change, grow and develop. We believe in continuous learning.
  • Agile: Our clients are our focus. Trust, respect for people, continuous improvement, autonomous working, and responsibility sharing.

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