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Senior Data Scientist (Budapest)

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This is your opportunity to join an expanding international agile AI program. We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join one of our Scrum Teams within a Digital/Service HUB. He/she will work in a multinational environment in diverse international teams within Agile Release Trains (SAFe).


•    Actively collaborate in an agile environment with scrum masters, product owners, product managers, clients, business partners and technical teams (Daily Scrum, Program Increment Planning, Refinement, Retro etc.).
•    Actively participate in the development of data-driven processes and solutions.
•    Understand multi-functional requirements in order to design, develop, test and implement AI-based solutions. 
•    Perform complex data science programming tasks and data analysis from multiple data sources independently.
•    Participate in the definition of data science and data quality problems and in the development of related solution proposals and hypotheses.
•    Makes recommendations in the development, testing and troubleshooting of machine learning based systems.
•    Create and give advice in modeling, parameterization of algorithms and its testing.
•    Recommend the selection of appropriate modeling techniques, training, testing and evaluation of algorithms.
•    Assists in data sources identification, analyze and evaluate data structures and their processes.
•    Visualizes data and results extracted from analyzes, create dashboards.
•    Conducts statistical analyzes (definition of trends, patterns, forecasting models).
•    Performs data transformation and data cleansing tasks (data correction, merging and extending, filtering and consolidation management)
•    In case of inbound error reports, take troubleshooting steps (error analysis, error correction, etc.) and / or contact the relevant supervisor.
•    Provide development estimates on projects and tasks.
•    Participate in documentation (program documentation, user manual, administrator guide, etc.)
•    Train and professionally develop less experienced colleagues.
•    Stay up to date with industry trends and state-of-the-art AI solutions.


•    Ideally MSc in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or related field. 
•    At least 2-5 years of proven track record in preparation and analysis of different types of information / data from different data sources by programming or by applicable programs using descriptive statistical, machine learning or other methods of analysis.
•    Proven track record in at least one of the following data science areas: Text and Chat (Chatbots, Recommender), Speech (NLP, Voicebot, Assistants), Numerical (Forecast/Predictions, Anomalys, Classification), Image and Video (Detection, Recognition) or any other.
•    Deep understanding of data science field (ideally 3-5 years of experience in a technical, scientific or specialized field of work). 
•    Solid experience in Python. 
•    Hands-on experience with at least 1 or 2 modern AI frameworks (Kaldi, TensorFlow, RASA, PyTorch, scikit-learn, Spark ML, Torch, Keras or any other).
•    At least basic understanding of some database technologies such as relational, NoSQL, NewSQL and graph databases.
•    Team player, self-motivated, pro-active with good interpersonal and communication skills.
•    Ability to work in multi-cultural and geographically distributed teams.
•    Accepting DevOps as a working culture (end-2-end responsibility).   
•    Fluent verbal and written English is a must.


•    Knowledge of German language is a plus.
•    Experience with working in an agile development methodology (Kanban, Scrum, SAFe etc).
•    Understanding of good software development practices: TDD, refactoring, pair-programming, solid design.
•    Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices etc.
•    Familiar with cloud solution development (ideally AWS or Azure).
•    ML Ops/ML Automation skills.

Über uns

Über uns

A 2020. július 1-jétől Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions márkanéven működő IT Services Hungary (ITSH) Magyarország legnagyobb ICT-munkaadója, a Deutsche Telekom Csoport tagja. A 2006-ban alakult vállalat jelenleg több mint 4500 munkavállalóval nyújtja az informatikai és telekommunikációs szolgáltatások széles portfólióját. Az ITSH 2019-ben elnyerte a Nemzeti Befektetési Ügynökség (HIPA) a legjobb oktatási együttműködésért járó díját, valamint a PwC Magyarország független kutatása alapján a legvonzóbb magyarországi munkahelyek közé sorolják, a cég emellett megkapta a legetikusabb multinacionális nagyvállalat címet is. A cég folyamatosan fejleszti mind a négy – budapesti, debreceni, pécsi és szegedi – telephelyét, és várja a képzett IT szakemberek jelentkezését.

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