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1.       ROLE PURPOSE:
 State concisely (2 sentences max) the overall objective of your job and basic reason for its existence in its present form. 

The Systems Engineer is responsible to provide all 2nd and 3rd level operational support tasks that fall into (not confined) the areas of ITIL “stack” management and other areas that fall within the operational mandate of the given group (e.g. Incident, Change, Request, Patch, Release and Problem management).


Beginner Level

• Customer specific engagements which will in turn show the customer T-Systems’ level of professionalism to gain trust which is one of the crucial factors in account sustainability.
• Ensures that best practices (guiding principles) are executed in accordance to T-Systems’ standards thus conforming to strict quality standards ensuring deliverables of highest standards.
• The performance of any related tasks within the framework of IT Operations
• To be committed to TSMY Guiding Principles and ensure that TSMY Guiding Principles standards and behaviour is adopted by team members.
• Thinks and acts in a Customer orientated manner, both internally and externally.
• Delivers results in conformance with T-Systems standards.
• Takes overall responsibility for the operation, monitoring and control ensuring that procedures are observed and applying fixes. This is to ensure service objectives and KPIs are met.
• To monitor availability and performance of scope of operations to ensure that agreed service levels are met, using tools, processes and systems as appropriate.
• Responsible for incident solving and troubleshooting to minimize and eliminate potential downtime that would affect the customer’s business which may result in loss of revenue.
• Responsible for successful request implementation to ensure that the customer’s requests are delivered within the SLA and up to the customers’ expectations.
• Responsible for successful change implementation ensuring that the change does not cause any service interruption and is completed within the change window.
• Responsible for keeping the customer updated with the progress of incident/request/change management tickets with the aim to manage the right expectations thus avoiding any potential negative feedback from the customer.
• Responsible to provide task-to-task handover list (shift model) to ensure that knowledge and work already done are preserved when the new shift starts, eliminating the need for duplicate work and to avoid customer frustration.
• Operating system administration to ensure that the customer’s growth and evolving requirements are met.
• Operational documentation that exist to  maximize productivity and minimize mistakes:
• Develops and prepares to completion with formal sign-off to be used with incident/change/request management activities thus abiding with T-Systems’ operational excellence requirements.
• Evergreen as and when required ensuring the information is current, eliminating possible version specific errors and also to conform to T-Systems’ operational excellence that mandates operational documentation to be updated every 6 months.
•  Maintains an understanding of ITIL processes including T-Systems’ specifics to ensure that actions are governed by international standards.
• Trains, coaches and mentors less senior staff within his/her organization or as directed by relevant stakeholders, playing a very important role in employee development.
• Inherits all challenges faced by the System Engineer (Level 1).

Specify the educational background, qualifications and experience that would typically be required to perform your job fully and effectively. 


• University degree in Computer Science/IT/Engineering or equivalent technical or professional qualification with:
o 2-3 years of experience in a relevant field of activity for Beginner Level.
• Fresh Graduates are encouraged to apply for entry level. Must possess University degree in IT or equivalent technical or professional qualification.
• Formal Microsoft University certification (one or more of the following):
o Microsoft Information Technology Professional (MSITP) (Server or Enterprise).
o Microsoft Certified Engineer (MSCE).
• Intermediate knowledge of TCP/IP inter-networking, Firewalls, and Security based technologies.
• Intermediate knowledge of virtualisation based technologies, such as VMWare.
• Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft “scripting based” technologies such as Perl, Java, C# etc and development tools.
• Intermediate understanding of Microsoft “Middleware” based components, such as IIS, Java, APACHE, .net, Biztalk, JBOSS, Tomcat & CITRIX etc.
• Experience in database technologies such as Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 are an added advantage
• Working experience in large scale Middleware environment
• Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc).
• Intermediate experience in overall server operations (including user administration, security, networking, backup and performance monitoring).
• Intermediate knowledge of “directory naming” technologies (Active Directory (AD), LDAP etc).
• Intermediate familiarity with investigative processes when reliability, availability, performance, or security issues are identified.
• Performance tuning and Capacity Management.
• Intermediate understanding of the implementation and administration of monitoring tools, and how these tools integrate into the hosting environment. 
• Experience in monitoring technical aspects such as availability, response time, and capacity.
• Knowledge in storage technologies/architecture (NAS). Knowledge of NetApp filer technology would be of great benefit.
• Basic knowledge of RDBMS and DBA principles (SQL Server and Oracle).

Skills and Behavior

Beginner Level:
• Fulfils tasks on-time and conscientiously recognises possible gaps and risks within operational services, and identifies these to relevant stakeholders.
• Sets achievable objectives for oneself, and assumes responsibility for agreed objectives and ensures successful closure, recognises opportunities to exceed his/her objectives both quantitive and qualitative manner.
• Contributes to the ongoing improvement of operational processes.
• Vigilant towards operational risks, and their mitigation, including communication to relevant stakeholders.
• Understands and accepts the need for development, and deals well with change, both internally and externally.
• Demands and promotes collaboration between colleagues.
• Provides information proactively as required, in order to ensure good internal knowledge sharing, in a team and goal orientated manner, sets an example to more junior staff.
• Demonstrates personal initiative, places ambitious demands on his/her work, and the work of others.
• Takes an active role in professional development, both technically and personally.
• Adapts him/herself to different forms of cultural interaction.
• Judges emotion, empathises as necessary, escalates possible conflict situations to relevant stakeholders.
• Able to accept constructive criticism, and deals constructively with negative experiences.
• Embraces the idea of learning from error.
• Demonstrates and communicates corporate values/principles.
• Communicates clearly in regards to change, so that all parties impacted have a clear understanding.
• Good command in English, both written and spoken.

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