How high are electromagnetic fields in mobile communications in practice?

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The mobile radio fields in publicly accessible areas and private homes are far below the limit values.

This is confirmed by the latest measurements carried out since rollout of the new LTE technology. They include the measurements carried out in 2012 by IMST, the respected institute for mobile and satellite radio technology, as well as the measurement commissioned in 2013 by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. All measurement programs come to the conclusion that: Readings at all measurement points were significantly lower than the valid exposure limits – even under extreme conditions (i.e., maximum load) and with additional loads from GSM and UMTS mobile communications facilities.
Measurements are also regularly performed in most of the European countries. As an example, the Pedion24 program in Greece is performed by scientific bodies and constantly reports on the nationwide exposure situation.
EMF monitoring by the Federal Network Agency

Series of measurements of the IZMF

Series of measurements in NRW (German)

Series of measurements of the BfS (German)