Send by e-mail

How can I register to have shareholders' meeting invitation sent to me by e-mail?

You can register via the Internet Dialog to have shareholders' meeting invitation sent to you by e mail. After successfully registering, you will receive the invitation for the shareholders' meeting by e mail starting in 2019. This is the quickest way to obtain information about the upcoming shareholders' meeting. You can, of course, cancel this service at any time and then receive your shareholders' meeting documents as usual by postal mail. It is quite simple to register at To do this you will need the access data that you received together with the invitation to the shareholders' meeting.

How can I edit my registration data for having the invitation sent to me via e-mail?

If you would like to edit your registration data (e-mail address, online password, security question), please log on again with your shareholder number and your password at and change the relevant data.

How can I withdraw my consent to have the invitation sent to me via e-mail?

You can withdraw your consent to receive shareholders' meeting invitation by e-mail at any time at and logging in to Internet Dialog.

How can I ensure that the e-mails I receive are encrypted?

If you would like to have your shareholders' meeting invitation sent by encrypted e-mail, we require a public PGP certificate from you. You can make it available to us at As soon as we have a valid PGP certificate from you, we will encrypt all e-mails we send to you in connection with your shareholders' meeting invitation.

How do I sign up to receive documents by e-mail?

Once you have entered your registration data at on the Internet, we will confirm this by e-mail to the e-mail address specified by you. Activate your registration by clicking on the link in the e-mail. Only when you have done this will you be activated to receive your shareholders' meeting invitations via e-mail.

Please note that you must activate the service for e-mail transmission of the shareholders' meeting invitation within seven (7) calendar days. If you do not confirm your registration within this period, your registration data will be deleted in the interests of your own security. You will then have to register again.

What rules must be followed when registering groups of persons or legal persons?

If you, as a group of persons or legal entity, would like to register to receive shareholders' meeting invitations by e-mail, then the individual who applies for registration must have authorization from all members of the relevant group of persons or legal entity.