A journey around the world – meet our #TelekomPeople

What makes working for magenta T so special? You get the answer directly from our colleagues! Since July 2016 Telekom employees around the globe show special insights in their magenta world. They are taking over the Instagram channel telekom_jobs to present their day-to-day work. This blog offers summaries of their takeover-weeks. For all insights in different countries, different cultures and different jobs follow the Instagram channel: www.instagram.com/telekom_jobs and stay tuned under the Hashtag #TelekomPeople.

Articles by People of Telekom

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#TelekomPeople Albania: one week with Josi & Iris

Hi, we are Iris Tula & Josi Begaj, part of Business to Business (B2B) & Information Communication Section of Telekom Albania. We are happy about the possibility to give you an impression of our daily work and our lifes.

01_Pawel Dillinger show and share his magenta world


#TelekomPeople Germany: one week with Pawel

Dear all, this is my friendly Instagram takeover from the account https://www.instagram.com/telekom_jobs/. It was a pleasure for me to show and share my magenta world. Feel free to ask me anything about my job, my passion or my life.



#TelekomPeople Albania: one week with Edisela

I am Edisela Demko, holding the position of Treasury Specialist, as part of the Finance Division at Telekom Albania. When I entered Telekom in June 2014, I was very excited to be part of this company and this feeling I had, resulted true.

Jessica and Elmar from the robotics team with robots


#TelekomPeople Germany: one week with Elmar & Jessica

Hi there, we are Jessica and Elmar from the robotics team.
Organizationally we belong to the core R&D engine of Deutsche Telekom – Telekom Innovation Laboratories and are located in Berlin.
Our previous major said, “Berlin is poor but sexy”! We...



#TelekomPeople Croatia: one week with Tomislav

Hi there, my name is Tomislav Iveta and I am 27 years old. I work at Hrvatski Telekom (HT) since four years. Having started at HT in September 2012, I spend my first 10 months as a sales representative at our T-shops and afterwards got promoted to shift leader.