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18 New ones for cyberspace

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If you ask our Board Member Thomas Kremer, it is so damn difficult to get new employees for cyber security. One answer is provided by Telekom Security's personnel development program. It takes new recruits "on the flight through cyberspace" and ultimately turns them into "Cyber Security Professionals" (CSP). A new vintage has just taken off.

These are the new recruits "on the flight through cyberspace" and they will turn into "Cyber Security Professionals" (CSP).

These are the new recruits "on the flight through cyberspace" and they will turn into "Cyber Security Professionals" (CSP).

The opening program at the start was more entertaining and spectacular than ever! By the way, the flight is not just a saying! The 18 fresh recruits of the sixth year were welcomed to the film music sounds of Star Trek by Lisa Lübke - founder and "Mama" of the program.

In addition to 13 internal participants, for the second time five participants from other companies will also take part in the trip. The passengers introduced themselves with short selfie videos. If you ask me: super creative and individual! They introduced themselves to the learning process assistants and specialist coaches. They accompany the CSPs in their teams during the program and help them with words and deeds. The Telekom management also welcomed them. In addition to Thomas Kremer, Chief Security Officer Thomas Tschersich and Head of Cyber Defense and Security Testing Rüdiger Peusquens also visited them. They emphasize that the topic must be driven forward with fun. Because we don't need 'hardcore security people', we need expertise and above all the right attitude. As a CSPler you also learn a lot about yourself. The term "the human factor" was used remarkably often, because if we are honest: In this area, despite automation and machines, nothing is possible without people, isn't it?

Prof. Dr. Matthew Smith comes from a completely different industry. The professor at the University of Bonn and member of the Fraunhofer FKIE, however, showed very similar views in his speech: "Developers are not the Enemy! He demands that the goal must be to make security as easy as possible - makes you ponder, right? Finally, the CSP alumni Jannik Großkopf and Sandra Rutkowska advised the new passengers of the cyberspace aircraft to learn together. Since everyone can enrich the entire group with his or her contribution. In my opinion, this is a great start to train experts who are up to the increasing challenges of cybercrime.

Until the next insight into my daily work! In the meantime, take a closer look at the Cyber Security Professional program. Next time I will try to inspire newcomers to the IT world in my blog and introduce them to the field of Cyber Security. You will get an example from the internal security work of the company. Cyber Security counts on you!

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