Ronja Edler


A review of my cooperative master’s degree

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After two years, I am about to complete my cooperative master’s degree at Deutsche Telekom. In this blog, I will talk about my practical work assignment as well as my study program and will give you exciting insights into my daily routine from the past two years.

Now that I have submitted my master’s thesis, my cooperative study program is coming to an end. During the past two years, I have been studying at the “School of International Business and Entrepreneurship” and, at the same time, working full-time in the Employer Branding and HR Marketing department. During this period, I made huge personal and professional strides.

What were my course contents?

I studied “International Management M.Sc.”. The modules on this course comprise areas such as economics, business management, finance and accounting, and marketing. I also had the option to choose a module from a variety of mandatory elective subjects. I chose to take the Change Management module. I also completed a two-week study program at the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland.

My exams largely consisted of coursework and presentations. For these assessments, I elaborated the theoretical side of the project I carried out in the company. The combination of practical and theoretical work was the ideal combination for me as this structure represented an added value in my eyes.

When I am at uni, I don’t just sit alongside Telekom students; my classmates come from various groups and small and medium-sized enterprises. This made our exchanges all the more interesting and varied.

What were my tasks during the practical assignments?

Exemplary workplace with laptop and phone

My dual studies at Deutsche Telekom.

A business mentor was assigned to me to help me during my entire practical assignment. This mentor supported me in my daily activities and also acted as the main contact for the project I carried out in the company, the theoretical side of which I worked on at uni.

I primarily worked in the Social Media team. My task was to deal with the Instagram careers channel. This included the planning of communication and coordination with the other social media channels, community management, performance analysis of the individual contributions, and follow-up work. I was also able to help with the development and implementation of a new social media strategy.

In addition to these tasks, I was also able to assist in various other projects such as university marketing projects and, as a result, was able to get to know a wide variety of units and to make great personal and professional strides. I especially liked the fact that every day was different and was therefore always able to learn something new.

And what's next?

All dual students have the chance to apply internally for a job via the job exchange for junior staff. I applied in this way in March and have found a suitable position. I am now going to start as a junior specialist at Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

I am happy that I decided to enroll on the cooperative master’s degree program two years ago. I would like to thank my team for the wonderful collaboration, the support, and the great amount of trust.

I am now excited to see what the future brings and am looking forward to new challenges.