Nadine Mühlbradt


Applying to Deutsche Telekom as a school student

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With your high-school graduation certificate in hand, you can finish school and set out on your way to becoming a sought-after expert at Deutsche Telekom. We offer eight exciting training programs and seven cooperative study programs, all of which are just waiting for new, ambitious applicants. In the profession of your choice, you will work independently on challenging, innovative projects. This will let you reach the first major milestones in your career, moving you nearer to your goal of working independently in your dream job.

Step 1: Online application
To apply online, you can register quickly and easily in our application portal. Enter all of the details that are relevant for us. Then simply upload your application documents to the system. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your information directly after your application, so that you know the application process is underway.

Step 2: Document check
Now it's our turn. We will check your application and see whether you are a good fit for any of the positions we have available. While your qualifications are important to us, we are really interested in finding out more about your personality.

Step 3: Personal interview
About four weeks later you will be invited to visit us in person. This interview will give you the chance to win us over with your personality. We want to find out more about your team spirit and your creativity. You will also find out about the area you will be working in. If everything goes well, we will offer you the job shortly afterwards!

Step 4: Welcome Day
Our Welcome Days take place on September 1 and October 1. You and all of the other Telekom trainees and Telekom students will get to know the company, your company, live for the first time.