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Challenge@Telekom: User Experience – next level

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Everyone experiences the same problem when purchasing a product or service. Before you can use it, all kinds of settings and adjustments have to be made, and that can take a long time. If only there were a solution that would make this service really simple and easy – so that you could start using the new product right away. The Challenge “User experience – next level” addresses this problem! Take the user experience to the next level and click on “Start” so that Project Manager Marco Baldauf can explain the Challenge in detail.

Young people take part in the User Experience Challenge and let their creativity run wild.

We challenge you: Join us and take the user experience to the next level.

Marco, what is the Challenge “User Experience – next level” really based on? How did you all come up with this idea for the Challenge?

Marco: The purpose of this Challenge is to make the customer experience simpler. Just imagine this scenario: You buy a product or service only to discover that the process of setting it up and putting it into operation is nerve-wracking and takes a lot of time. Generally speaking, due to all kinds of configuration steps and passwords, this process is just too long. When this is the case, you often don’t really have much joy or enthusiasm when using the product once it is operational.

The service is no fun for anybody. And that’s precisely where the customer’s problem starts. It would be much better if the product or service could be used immediately from the moment of purchase. We want to change this complex process, which is why we came up with this Challenge for all of you. What should service be like in a best-case scenario? How can we help the customer? What ideas would make the service simpler? We have been thinking about this. But we also want to know how important you think this is. In the Challenge we also want to hear from customers – in other words, the community.

What assessment criteria will be used in the Challenge?
We will evaluate the submitted solutions and concepts on the basis of relevance, creativity, professionalism and the quality of the presentation. Creativity and originality are especially important. That means thinking outside of the box. What would be the coolest, simplest, sexiest solution for the service or product – what would make the customer feel like saying: “Awesome! Everything’s working! Just the way I want it!” 😉

Who is eligible to participate in the Challenge? What are the prerequisites and rules?
Everyone can participate! From students to seasoned professionals. What do you need? Lots of imagination! In principle, you can submit whatever you want. From PowerPoint slides to video presentations. You have complete freedom when creating your solution. There are no limits on creativity! You can work alone, or form a team with up to three people. The Challenge ends on October 7, 2018.

What can the winners expect?
The top teams will receive exclusive invitations to our Open Workspace – CMD+O in Cologne, Germany. That’s where the teams can pitch their ideas to our jury of specialists. During Open Workspace the top teams will meet with experts to discuss their innovations and product concepts with them. The teams will also have an opportunity to look behind the scenes and gain insights about prototyping at Telekom.

How does this Challenge differ from all the others?
We don’t want to address a specific target group. The other Challenges were exclusive and intended only for defined groups, for example, IT people or business managers. This time our Challenge is open to EVERYONE. That is the main difference. Not just for customers. Not just for Telekom employees. The Challenge is of relevance to everyone. Anyone can contribute to a solution.

Is there anything else to note?
There’s really nothing more to say, except: JOIN IN AND TAKE PART! 😊
Ready for the mission? Do you already have an idea for the perfect solution? If so, take it to the next level! The Challenge continues until October 7, 2018.