Nadine Mühlbradt


Events@Telekom: Hackathon for Ladies only

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On November 15th and 16th our first-of-a-kind AI-Hackathon for Ladies only is taking place in Berlin. Together we want to immerse ourselves in the power of Artificial Intelligence and come up with new solutions – and above all, our goal is to educate and empower women to become more involved in emerging technologies. So, attention all (perspective) female software programmers, graphic designers, data-scientists and tech-affiliates – sign up for the free event here!


The world is steadily developing to become more digital, more intelligent. Revolutionary technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain have contributed significantly to this change. To encourage women to participate in these technologies, we will program together in our hub:raum in Berlin to highlight the ways in which women can contribute and benefit from technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We have three exciting challenges for you to choose from

Challenge one: the future of mobility.

In order to optimize the mobility system of cities and avoid traffic jams and long commuting hours we need to understand the actual movement dynamics better. In this challenge, we concentrate on the example of a main city to analyze the movement of people. These analyses are the basis for future mobility concepts that need to evolve soon to make life in the city enjoyable.

Challenge two: Analyze the dynamics of information diffusion and consensus building.

In this challenge, we offer you exclusive access to IBM’s AI solution Watson on which you can excessively analyze twitter data and its dynamics. As soon as we better understand consensus building, information diffusion and news commenting dynamics we might be less at risk of being influenced by populistic authorities.

Challenge three: Diversity - Increase digital literacy equality and online representation of minorities.

In this challenge we want to give you the chance to explore the issue of gender equality in a broad and creative way. We point you to a lot of different data sets that are suitable to analyze the status quo of gender differences in the internet. It is then up to you to come up with innovative ideas (and ideally a prototype) how one could ensure a more balanced online representation of women (and other less represented groups).

Hackathon project teams are free to select how the theme is applied and realized. We will also provide inspirational datasets that will help participants to focus on their project idea – participants are not required to use these datasets and are encouraged to combine it with other datasets.
Our intention with the Hackathon is to focus on “workable ideas” and not algorithms! The outputs could be “solution blueprints”, for example a mix of visualizations, web pages, code with algorithms, etc. The sky is the limit! To implement the participants project ideas, you can either use the IBM Watson analytics environment or the Anaconda Jupyter environment.

Sounds interesting? Click here to sign up! We are excited to see you in Berlin!