Diana Schnetgöke


GUIDING PRINCIPLES DAY 2018 - Insights into our company culture

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Every year, we use this day to show our appreciation of the Guiding Principles, which form the framework of values in place at our Group. They are the invisible hands guiding our interactions.

Guiding Principles Day 2018

Guiding Principles Day 2018

The focus this year is on our convictions – how we evaluate things and actions. Do we have a generally positive or negative attitude? What is our attitude towards Deutsche Telekom? Positive, of course – we stand by Deutsche Telekom as an attractive employer! We look things in the eye and see the positive side of things, even negative situations. We see opportunities and challenges, not problems.

The day shows us just how much our Guiding Principles have become part and parcel of our corporate culture. We identify with them. We don't just want to delight customers and make things easier for them. No! We want to deliver new experiences to our customers every step of the way and be a helping hand. The customer should feel like part of the family and see us not just as a company, but as the people behind the color magenta. Team together means keeping our eyes open and being open to new ideas. We foster creativity and inspire courage and motivation in each other. Our work might pit us against major challenges, but we overcome them together. We don’t run away when things get tough, but take matters into our own hands and grow from the experience. We see potential in every single colleague and acknowledge their contribution.


Five symbols represent the corporate values of the Telekom.

There will be mistakes and friction along the way. But we learn something new every day. We would not be the people we are today if we hadn’t failed somewhere down the line, but we picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down every time. Stronger and more conscientious. No empty promises – after all, we are T – you can count on us!

The Guiding Principles Day reminds us of just how diverse and large we are. We are not simply a team, we are a family.

To see how the day was celebrated in Germany and across the globe, take a look at the social media round-up and experience the global Deutsche Telekom community.

Our colleagues from Albania celebrated our guidelines.

In Germany attitude is shown…

…with a lot of magenta

Our colleagues from T- Systems Malaysia celebrate the GPD on their Game Booth.

Our colleagues from T-Systems in Spain (Iberia) are full of enthusiasm!