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Innovation for a Digital World

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This was the motto of an event held on June 1 in Bonn to crown the winners of this year's Womens STEM Award. It was a great day featuring many highlights and interesting guests. But read about it yourself!

We are a pioneer when it comes to digitization – and we are very proud of that! Industry 4.0, digitization, Internet of Things: the future of business has many elements. But they all have the same technological basis: a future-proof network infrastructure, security to fend off cyber attacks and business espionage, plus the capacity to process mass data quickly and effectively.



The foundation for digitization is comprised of employees, and this technology is no longer the exclusive domain of one gender only! "Diversity in management teams has a major impact on the innovative power of business enterprises. Companies that foster a monoculture in today's fast-paced and innovative digital economy will be left by the wayside. Diversity means bringing together people having different nationalities, educational backgrounds and genders. We must also make sure that more women participate in these developments – they are not fully represented, even in the STEM subjects," says Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom and a passionate STEM ambassador.

That's why we confer our Women’s STEM Award every year. This award provides STEM graduates with an opportunity to submit a thesis focused on one of our strategic growth areas and compete for selection. Some 80 papers covering topics like Networks of the Future, Industry 4.0., Cyber Security, Automotive Technologies and Digital Life were submitted. The competition was not limited to Germany: Finland, Great Britain, India, Macedonia and Austria were also among the countries represented with insightful theories, studies and test reports.

Our special thanks go to Claudia Nemat, our patron for the Womens STEM Award, and to the members of the award jury, whose participation made this event possible. And, of course, we want to thank and congratulate our award winners! The top prize and a bonus of EUR 3000 was presented to Lisa Eckey. Her master's thesis on "Smart Contracts Enforced by Blockchain" in the Cyber Security Category examines "an exciting and very topical subject" in the words of the jury. "Despite this success, women in STEM subjects is still a difficult issue today. Yet another reason why Ms. Eckey, with her courage and enjoyment of the subject matter, is a great role model for young female university entrants."

The special international award was presented to Sowmya Ravidas from Finland. Her master's thesis on "Incorporation Trust in Network Function Virtualization" focused on the growth of future networks and earned the prize winner a bonus of EUR 500.

This was not only a great day for the STEM Award finalists: Many students were able to gain insights into Deutsche Telekom as an emoloyer within the scope of the Leave Your Mark campaign. I think it is important to give students a look behind the scenes of the "Magenta World" in a relaxed and personal setting. During a business lunch the students met with colleagues from the Center for Strategic Projects and were able to discuss new and exciting ideas.

I thank the team for making this event such a success. Perhaps we will meet some of these young talents again in the years ahead – as key members of our team. That would be a win-win situation indeed!

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