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#TelekomPeople Albania: one week with Josi & Iris

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Hi, we are Iris Tula & Josi Begaj, part of Business to Business (B2B) & Information Communication Section of Telekom Albania. We are happy about the possibility to give you an impression of our daily work and our lifes.


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Iris has joined Telekom Albania in 2013 and is responsible for planning and coordinating operations and responsibilities of the relevant projects and complex bids by organizing, visiting and handling requests of existing and potential customers. Furthermore her task is to explore new opportunities in the market or specific industries for launching new technologies or services.

Josi is part of Telekom since 2008. Since 2013 he works as a B2B Services Engineer. His daily tasks to study, design and implement Network Services related to Information and Communication Technology, cloud and Machine to Machine domains for our Business Customers. Also, additional duties are the Technical Project management for the end to end implementation and delivery of Business to Business domain services and Coordination of Synergy projects within the Group.
We both try to balance our work and life perfectly, so that time for our hobbies is left. Especially recommendable is to explore the landscape of Albania. You may find everything in a very short mileage. In the north and east there are the Mountains and in the west there are the beautiful Adriatic and Ionian Sea. Moreover we have fascinating culture and the beaches which are among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.


Have a look on the posts that we shared during the takeover to get an impression of our daily life.

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Iris & Josi gave you some impressions about her day-to-day work at Telekom Albania. Team meetings, sports, the office dogs… Have a look on Instagram to get more insights of our #TelekomPeople!

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