Nina Ressel

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The magical world of penetration tests

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Why do the internal security technical teams boast so few economists and so few women? It’s not only a matter of us learning from the nerds; they can learn from us too.

Nina ist duale Studentin im Bereich Telekom Security.

Nina is dual student and working at Telekom Security.

Since October 2018, I have been doing my cooperative study program in the International Management unit at Telekom Security. To be able to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world, I also work as a Business Supporter in an internal security department at T-Systems International GmbH. The colleagues in this department primarily deal with the penetration tests of IT systems. If you are asking yourself what penetration tests are, don’t worry. I was in the same boat too. Essentially, it is the effective search for weak points and the rectification of them before attackers can take advantage of them.

Build bridges

At the start of my time here, I had to learn a lot about servers, networks, and hacker attacks. My colleagues gave me the best possible support. Complex topics had to be broken down to a level that even beginners can understand. I am sure that this allowed even the security experts to take away some important findings. We have started to build a bridge between the worlds of management and IT. As a result, we can also forward technical messages to non-technical colleagues, customers, and managers. For instance, we prepared a flyer on a very technical topic in the first few weeks. Here, I provided some useful tips from my business management perspective. However, this is only the start of an exciting collaboration from which both sides will benefit.

 The best from both worlds

Men and women – with or without a technical background – are an asset to the internal security unit at Telekom Security. Therefore, I would like to motivate you to take a look around in what may still be unchartered waters. Here, you can gain experience that will really help you in a digitalized world. And you, dear women, are something very special indeed! There aren’t many female nerds. So keep an eye out for my next blog. I’ll be reporting on my experiences as a woman in the world of IT and my reasons behind interdisciplinary collaboration. This approach opens up new horizons because technicians come together with non-technicians and combine the best from both worlds.

I would like to know what your reasons are for taking part in interdisciplinary collaborations in the magical world of penetration tests and hacker attacks?