Into the digital future with us

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Anyone who's anyone in the world of computers traveled to Berlin for the "Digital Future" conference on 11 May. Telekom Careers used this opportunity to make valuable contacts. After all, our colleagues help shape the digital future – and we are looking for new people to join our team from all over Germany.

It was an anniversary celebration to remember: The world's first computer, the Z3 from Konrad Zuse, turned 75. 1,300 guests from the world of IT – from students to professionals – followed the invitation from the Zuse Institute Berlin and the Tagesspiegel newspaper and joined in the celebrations. At "The Digital Future" specialist conference in the former Kosmos cinema, 50 renowned researchers explained exactly what the top universities like Princeton or ETH Zürich and the industrial laboratories at Bell, Amazon or Microsoft are researching right now. We were there too as a recruiting partner and our stand attracted a high level of interest. The news had spread quickly in Berlin: we are the place to be for digitalisation experts, Internet of Things fans, Cloud computing professionals and automotive and security specialists. Security and big data were also the focus of our expert lunch, which we invited 80 IT enthusiasts to attend.

A suitcase full of career opportunities
Our recruiters traveled to Berlin with a suitcase full of career opportunities. Students, graduates and professionals were eager to find out about our job opportunities at the conference. The career prospects are extremely good; we are currently looking for 400 IT professionals in Germany – in a variety of digital future areas. And there are much more jobs for IT experts around the world. We obviously couldn't miss out on a gathering of talent like the "Digital Future" conference.

Our summary: Berlin was worth the trip! Many talented individuals were impressed by Telekom as an employer and want to work with us to shape the digital future and to help us become the leading European ITC provider.