Potentialpark: Deutsche Telekom has the best careers website

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Award-winning: as the Swedish market research institute, Potentialpark, confirms, in terms of communication with applicants, we're way ahead of the game. Our careers website and our social media channels are in first and second place.

161 companies in Germany took part in Potentialpark's OTaC study. 800 channels of communication were examined and 1,153 students and graduates analyzed the websites. More than 700 employers and 23,000 participants take part worldwide and use 350 criteria to assess communication for applicants. In the overall assessment, which takes account not only of the website and social media activities, but also of the mobile presentation and the application system, we are in third place. Potentialpark claims that we have the best careers website in Germany. Applicants find all the information on our website at a glance to decide in favor of Deutsche Telekom as an employer. And our social media activities put us in second place. We impressed by being trustworthy. Nevertheless, we ourselves see that our social media efforts could be better, especially as our new Instagram channel did not go online until after the end of the period under examination. We are very pleased that our activities for applicants are successful with our target group.

Job applications made easy:
The applicant doesn't want to waste time. So there's no point in complicated online forms or superfluous red tape. Marc-Stefan Brodbeck, Head of Recruiting & Talent Acquisition, says: "Applying for a job should be as easy as online shopping." Open Job search, find a suitable job vacancy, send the application off – the whole thing done with just a few clicks. And if there are any questions, our experts will be glad to help. They look after interns, students, graduates, and professionals. There are specific contacts on our website for every target group. They will also be happy to advise you on possibilities for getting started at Deutsche Telekom.

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