Telekom takes silver in the Women's Career Index

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Telekom has taken second place in the Women's Career Index – for the second time in a row. This proves that Telekom provides extremely effective support for its female employees.

The ranking is supported by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and evaluates the promotion opportunities for women in DAX companies on a regular basis. The index has been in place since 2011 and has now been published four times: Telekom is ahead of the game in this company comparison with its development programs. HP took 1st place and was just one point ahead of Telekom. Why does Telekom take part in this study? Because the index makes the opportunities for women in DAX companies transparent. "We take career development opportunities for women very seriously, which is why we have been taking part since the beginning", says Elke Frank, Head of HR Development at Telekom. The company even got more points this year than in the previous year. "This shows that our career development measures are working. That is important for us. As an employer, we want to open up opportunities for women in a targeted way." The company therefore not only became the first DAX company to implement a voluntary quota in 2010, but has also set up special mentoring programs for women. Telekom also gained points in the Women's Career Index with its approach to supporting talent: Platforms exclusively for women increase their visibility and improve their chances of being promoted.

Fit for the supervisory board
Frank states that the company's new Supervisory Board Readiness Program is designed to prepare women for supervisory board mandates in the subsidiaries and "highlights female talent in the company". 29 women took part in the first run and a further 36 women are currently preparing for higher positions. In addition to this, the company is also focusing on breaking down prejudices – including towards women as managers. The goal is to counteract unconscious thinking patterns. With workshops, for example, which 3,000 employees, both male and female, have already taken part in. The goal: more openness, more tolerance. Or to put it another way: a change in culture. We believe that mixed gender management teams make better decisions.