Digitization changes everything!

Everything that can be digitized will be digitized!

IT is like a giant playground that is constantly evolving and changing, subsequently IT is creating new opportunities for entire industries, and for individuals.

Code + Design@Telekom

Code+Design@Telekom makes you #fitforfuture


Code+Design@Telekom is our answer to the challenges of digitization. 

Changes in the corporate culture will be stimulated by innovations and the curiosity to try new things. We offer the space and the possibility to prototype projects. The themes of these projects are set by the participants themselves. We want to guide them in developing both the skills and the entrepreneurial spirit to turn great ideas into exciting projects.

Join in! Our event formats are:

From idea to digital product. Code+Design@Telekom offers three different formats. Which means, there is something for everyone. Join our community now and participate!


Code+Design CAMP

Are you a pupil, student or apprentice and would you like to get a taste of the start-up environment? At our national Code+Design Camps, participants have the chance to work in teams on their own project ideas. See how far an idea can get with the support of our experienced coaches and in a creatively stimulating environment. We will provide new technologies and a broad digital network, so you can realize your own digital projects. 

A large number of visitors at the IFA fair stand of Telekom.

Code+Design CUSTOMER X

Our format CUSTOMER X enables our customers to take a deep dive in the digital world, to experience gaming, hacking and robotics, etc. during their visit to the Telekom Store or participation at the IFA, Startupnight and many other external events and to try them out yourself. Edutainment instead of entertainment is our top priority. Thus, we create special experiences for our customers. Maybe there will be a Customer X in your city soon?


Code+Design ACADEMY

Are you already a professional? At the Code+Design ACADEMY, we offer our employees experimental rooms and the infrastructure to make them fit for the digital professional world. Professionals try out their skills in their own teams and gain new digital skills and get a deep dive in innovative topics. 

Become part of the community!

At Code+Design@Telekom, our team of experts is on site to guide the participants in terms of content and subject. We are always looking for new impulse generators and experts. If you have topics that interest you, join our community and create the digital future together with us.


Why Code+Design@Telekom?

Code+Design@Telekom is an initiative of the Technology & Innovation department that emerged from a transformation program within Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH. The aim of this initiative is to break with traditional forms of training and existing educational formats in order to make the workforce - young professionals, employees and managers - FIT FOR FUTURE and thus give them the chance to survive in the digital age.

Creating awareness of future skills and introducing relevant digital topics & technologies are fundamental to preparing people to work in the digital age, to keep them employable. Skill Transformation, NewSkilling and further education are an ongoing process, which seems to be more in demand today than ever before.

Now, we are using the momentum and introduce our new 360° Digital Learning Formats mainly based on our existing curriculum. It includes an inspiring mixture of podcast sessions, tutorials and live sessions from our coach and partner network embedded into virtual classrooms & digital campus environments. All digital formats are produced on own assets, offered to employees and customers as a new digital experience via intelligent aggregation platforms.

Our partners


We thank our partners for their profitable support during our Code+Design events.

MakerSpace e.V. (German)
Bohlebots (German)


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