"Passion for Impact - that's our motto"

The CSP consultant team consists of about 60 colleagues with different professional and personal backgrounds. As an in-house consultant, the team designs the transformation of Deutsche Telekom into various projects in the areas of growth and efficiency.


Articles by CSP Consultant-Team

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Impact of Covid-19: Corona as a catalyst for digitalization? (Part 3)

The pandemic has developed from an unwanted stress test to an accelerator of digitalization in all areas of life. Why we can profit from this development in the long term - and how life will continue after Corona.

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Of Scrum, Sprints, Squads and Tribes

Do I really get an insight into the strategic work of the company during an internship at CSP? A resume.

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Thinking out-of-the-box: How we actively promote lateral thinking

How does a large company manage to systematically broaden the horizons of its employees? A field report on the international exchange program of Deutsche Telekom's Center for Strategic Projects.