Meet Florian Kopitar from T-Systems Singapore

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"Working with colleagues from 15 different countries is the best experience of my life."

Diversity can mean a lot of things. Differences in cultures, gender, religion and physical ability. Changing workplaces. And even regular variations in an employee's responsibilities. These – and much, much more – are what diversity means to the Deutsche Telekom Group.

I originally joined Telekom in Austria three-and-a-half years ago. I was accepted into the trainee program, which was a real boost for my carrier. Working and meeting people from nearly every department has proved very beneficial. During my last year in Austria, I was nominated for the Talent program and it helped me to develop my own skills. After the program I got my current position in Singapore. I was very excited about going abroad.

My main job as a solution architect is to calculate the manufacturing cost of projects for customers. The size of the task varies along with the size of the customer. Here in

Singapore we are responsible for a lot of regional and global customers. I like the big complex global projects because they require more of me. I get the opportunity to work with international teams and learn from coworkers throughout Telekom.

But I don't just see diversity in the kinds of tasks I do. The workforce is very diverse in Singapore. I really value Telekom for the emphasis it puts on treating everyone equally. I really enjoy working with my co-workers from different countries. Everyone is ambitious and very open to sharing their expertise but they all also know how to have fun. One of my co-workers is a certified divemaster and I think the whole company learned how to dive from him – I really enjoy going diving with him and his family. My girlfriend and I spend our time exploring Singapore and the neighboring countries. Between her and my international roommates, it's really starting to feel like home.

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