09-19-2017 - 09-20-2017


Case Study Challenge

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Are you passionate about strategy?

If so, the Case Study Challenge run by the Center for Strategic Projects (CSP), Deutsche Telekom’s internal strategy division, is perfect for you. It’s held in Bonn on September 19 and 20.

20170919_CSP_Case Study Challenge

In teams of four, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your analytical, strategic and communication skills. If you make a great impression, you could secure an internship and win €2,000 to share with your team. In addition to in-depth engagement with interesting cases, there’s also an exciting evening event as an added bonus. But we won’t reveal exactly what that is just yet

Find three partners and apply as follows:
We want to know about you and your background. So please include your CVs and a team name with your application. To get you prepared for the challenge, we ask for the following: based on the canvas model and on a maximum of two pages, provide a description of one of the three (possible) business areas: Drones, E-mobility or Future Telekom Shop. If you have to make any assumptions, please make that clear.

Apply by August 27 by emailing leave-your-mark@telekom.de.

Deutsche Telekom will provide meals and accommodation from September 19 to 20. Your travel costs will also be paid on the basis of second-class rail tickets up to €150.

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