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Graduate career development opportunities

Graduate career development opportunities

We offer life-long opportunities to develop. After all, the challenges in our industry are constantly changing. And we know that the best way to face up to them is with well-trained colleagues.

Grow with us

Find out more about the opportunities to personally and professionally grow with us.

Our trainee program features elements that will support you in your personal and professional development. Our “Start up! University” provides training sessions, and the Magenta Project Friday initiative is a great opportunity for cross-departmental networking so that you can expand your professional horizons.

Magenta Friday

Talent Space is our Group-wide development program aimed at all employees, except for those in managerial roles. Within twelve months, you will gain experience in a variety of specialist fields, explore new career opportunities, and gain an insight into working in top management. From job shadowing to cross-mentoring and business talks right through to our talent conference, you can benefit from a variety of valuable experiences and insights.


Talent Space: Our development program for non-executive employees


Discover new career chances and collect international cross-divisional experiences


Get to know job sharing, business talks and cross mentoring and take part in the talent conference event

Gain valuable experience working abroad with X-Change, our Group-wide career development program. You will work abroad for up to six months and settle into a work routine in an international environment. In so doing, you will benefit from intercultural exchange with colleagues from around the world, helping them with your expertise.


Gain international experience with our group-wide personnel development program X-Change.


Work up to 6 months in a foreign country and get to know day-to-day work in an international surrounding.


Take your benefit from intercultural exchange with colleagues from all over the world and enhance your career network.

We can demonstrate a clear and transparent career path by taking the example of our In-house consulting department. You can be promoted four times in total, from Consultant right through to Senior Project Manager and Principal. There will be promotion rounds every six months – great opportunities for you to take the next leap.


Bologna@Telekom is an excellent way to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree while you work. We will provide financial support and give you the time you need to achieve your goals.
By funding your choice of further education and training, we aim to keep you on as a long-term employee. After all, we know that shaping the future of digital requires employees who constantly keep up with the latest information.

Start up!

Trainee program

Our program for strategic minds and lateral thinkers: You can pick your main focus depending on what interests you.

Direct entry for graduates

Direct entry

Have you just finished studying and want to start working immediately? We could well have the perfect job for you.


International career opportunities

From Barcelona to Berlin and from New York to New Delhi, Telekom has international career openings for every grade and qualification.

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