Full-time doctoral studies

Doctor Telekom

Do you enjoy research and are considering doctoral studies? But would you also like to tackle practical topics? Why not do your doctorate with the help of Telekom? With us, you can combine the two.

There are various ways to complete your doctorate with Telekom - both part-time and full-time. In the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs), for example, the company's public-private partnership with the TU Berlin.

Doctoral student positions are regularly advertised via the TU Berlin. The advantage is, you're fully involved in the practical world while you do your doctorate, you can establish a network within the Telekom Group and meet doctoral students from all over the world in Berlin.

You can apply your research practically at Telekom. You'll present your scientific results on behalf of the T-Labs at major conferences. Around the globe.

What happens after your dissertation? You might find a place within the Group or T-Labs could help you found a start-up.

To the T-Labs

Telekom levels the playing field for doctoral studies

Telekom's own University for Applied Sciences in Leipzig (HfTL) can also make the path to your doctorate smoother. Thanks to partnerships with several international universities, you can complete your dissertation at the Dublin Institute of Technology or the University of Bratislava in cooperation with the HfTL.

The Telekom Foundation also supports young researchers with its scholarship program. This focuses particularly on gifted doctoral students in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering. Leading universities recommend their best research talents to the foundation. The scholarship holders are teamed up with experienced Group employees and external experts as mentors. The latter simultaneously pursue several goals. They foster the personal development of the future PhD holders and support students in finding internships and their first job. The doctoral students also regularly take part in workshops and conventions in order to build up a network in both science and business during their studies.

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences