Sales career at Telekom Shops

Already got a bachelor's degree under your belt and dreaming of a job with plenty of responsibility? Our entry-level program at Telekom Shop Vertriebsgesellschaft (TSG) prepares you to take on a management position at one of our Shops. You also have the opportunity to progress to the position of regional sales manager.

TSG is our shop window to the world and the most personal sales channel at Deutsche Telekom. It is where our customers receive all services from a single source - direct and in person. Our goal is to showcase, demonstrate and sell innovative products and services as experiences.

Four things go toward making good Shop managers. Firstly, they are passionate about technological innovation as well as IT and telecommunications. Secondly, they feel at home in the retail trade, have a natural flair for sales and aim to provide their customers with a superior sales experience. Thirdly, the ideal candidate is happy to take on responsibility. And, last but not least, they have graduated with a bachelor's degree in any discipline. So if you also like dealing with people, then the Telekom Shops are the place for you.

Learn how to be a leader and make the most of your career opportunities

Sound interesting? Our train-while-you-work program for entry-level graduates puts you on the first rung of the ladder to becoming a Shop manager. It is broken down into management and specialist modules, as well as practice-based elements, so you get 12 months of training designed specifically to prepare you for taking on a management role. You stay close to the action, learning all of the relevant aspects of sales in practical assignments across Germany. In addition, you will also hone your potential with carefully selected workshops, training sessions and individual further development opportunities to build on your sales and management skills. A personal mentor is on hand throughout. Once you have successfully completed your 12 months' training, you can get started right away on applying for vacant management posts in our Shops. And it doesn't stop there: Shop managers can also progress to the position of regional sales manager.

Your application

Would you like to know more? Then this is your chance.
The application period for your sales career starts in spring 2016. The start of the program follows in September.

Please send your application to Julien Luig-d’Alquen.