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Before joining the Chairman's department on the Start up! program in summer 2011, 25-year-old Raúl Kuhn had already graduated in technology journalism and public relations. And thanks to a PR internship with Corporate Communications at Deutsche Telekom, he had already gotten to know the Group quite well.

Where are you currently working?

I am currently doing my customer-focused rotation in the 1st Level Support unit at Deutsche Telekom Kundenservice GmbH, which is essentially the central gateway for all customer inquiries, from questions about bills to information on contracts, through to fault reports. My tasks include implementing organizational modifications, planning and implementing measures designed to improve customer services, and project management for pilot testing applications within Customer Service and/or Technical Service.

Prior to that I did a rotation in the Corporate Responsibility (CR) department, which deals with the responsibility a major company like Deutsche Telekom has towards social issues and how we can live up to this responsibility. Part of my job there was to help design a CR application for tablets and smartphones. I also wrote articles to be published under my own steam and prepared presentations for top management.

Why did you want to join the Chairman's department?

While I was studying journalism I grew more and more interested in public relations. Once I started as a corporate communications freelancer, I quickly realized that I wanted to continue working in the communication and marketing field. Departments such as Corporate Communications and Brand Management fall under the Chairman's department.

Do you think the Start up! program is better than other trainee programs?

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. I always wanted to work for Deutsche Telekom, so I didn't look at any other trainee programs. I like the fact that you are given a high degree of autonomy and get to deal with a broad range of activities. I can sound out my own interests and strengths, and bring my own ideas to the company.

About the program in general, though, I can tell you that a lot is expected of Start up! candidates - naturally. Standard entry requirements include an excellent track record during your studies, along with social endeavors and international experience. But I would tell all applicants not to be intimidated by the requirements. You often have a much better chance than you think. You have to be confident in yourself and your achievements. Confidence and being well prepared for the potential challenges of the position advertised are a huge help.