The numbers whizz

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Even at school, Mona Requadt enjoyed numbers - and the fascination has lasted: during her business management degree, she majored in controlling and corporate development. There was no doubt that a career in finance beckoned; that's why the 25 year-old decided to apply for the Start up! program in the Finance division.

What attracted you to working in Finance at Telekom?

I've always loved everything to do with numbers. At university, I really enjoyed my controlling internships. As a Start up! employee I'm now learning more about the other financial departments - the Board department includes Mergers and Acquisitions, Treasury, Risk Management, along with Corporate Real Estate Management and Purchasing. That gives you an idea of how varied and interesting the financial area is.

Why did you chose to enter the company via the Start up! program?

In my opinion, Start up! is currently one of the best graduate programs around. One big advantage is the flexibility - we can choose our own assignments and arrange the individual stations independently, both nationally and internationally, across all areas of the Group. That allows me to develop my own interests and build up a network from all over the company.

What areas have you been in so far?

During my assignment in the Benchmarking & Performance Excellence department, we carried out an international telecommunications benchmark in cooperation with an external consultancy firm. There, we compared the majority of our national companies with other telecommunications providers across all functions. We analyzed the results, determined best practice examples and derived proposals for improving or maintaining individual performances.

My second assignment was in the Overarching Business Cases department at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. They oversee major business cases such as Entertain or fiber optic roll-out. My project was creating the business case for the "embedded SIM", a fixed SIM card module in place of the traditional SIM card. We put together potential scenarios in close cooperation with Marketing and Strategy, before calculating the impact on the success of the company.

Who is the Start up! program for?

For people who aren't afraid to give their opinion, and who are open to new things. In addition to meeting lots of new colleagues, you're always encountering situations you've never experienced before. You need to welcome and embrace this challenge. Add some enthusiasm, team spirit and independence, and you're on your way to a successful Start up!