The philanthropist

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Since October 2011, Siniša Plavšin, born in Serbia, has been gaining experience in the Human Resources (HR) department. The 27 year-old is familiar with large companies - following his degree in economics from the University of Zagreb he worked for Japan Tobacco International in Serbia and completed an internship with NIKE Europe.

What drew you to Telekom as an employer?

Telekom is a global corporation, and yet it still takes care of every individual employee. I liked how Telekom employees identified with their company, how they spoke about the Start up! program. It was completely different from what you hear about other companies and their employees.

Do you agree?

I haven't been here very long, but I like it at Telekom, especially the Start up! program. It's a sort of private playground, where I can put together individual locations, options and opportunities in a way that suits me best. I'm learning a lot, I have room to grow and I'm having plenty of fun at the same time. It's just such a great environment, I enjoy coming to work every morning.

Where have you been so far?

In my first project assignment I was in the HR department in Product & Innovation, and in Group Technology. There, I developed a guide for a nearshoring-offshoring project. In the Technology department I gained great insight into how important talent management and employee development are for Telekom, and how it fosters talent, as it is aware that well-trained employees are its most important capital.

Next, I'll be in the HR Strategy department.

Do you have contact to the other Start up! employees?

Of course, we're in contact almost every day. That's practical, as we tell each other about our experiences. You automatically develop a close relationship, which extends outside the office. I'm sure many of my new friendships will stay strong once our time in Start up! is over.

What should Start up! applicants expect?

In addition to an impressive final grade, as a Start up! employee, you need to be open and ready to learn a great deal of new things. You should have leadership qualities. Practical experience, time spent abroad and extra-curricular activities also definitely make a good impression in your CV.

I'd recommend the Start up! program to anyone who wants to start their career with one of the key players in the telecommunications sector and work in a highly dynamic industry.