The project manager

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Nicolas Pütz has successfully completed his Start up! program. The past 15 months at Telekom have just been the start of this 29 year-old business and economics graduate's career.

Why Telekom?

Being born in Bonn, I was already very familiar with Telekom. The Start up! program was just ideal for me - I was able to work for an international company in my home town. Fantastic! I'm also really interested in IT; new media and telecommunications - I couldn't imagine any other company suiting me more!

Were you happy with the Start up! program?

Absolutely! I was able to choose my project assignments, which was great. The mix of on-the-job placements, training sessions, one international assignment and close contact to the customers made it really interesting. Ever since, I've been promoting the program to all my friends.

Where were your placements?

I wanted to look at a wide variety of departments in order to get a good general impression. So I was in Market & Quality Management, at the Information Technology Center, the International Strategy department of what used to be T-Mobile, and also in HR. I had close contact with customers in the call center and in the on-site service team in Eschborn. My international assignment was spent at the Detecon in San Francisco, which was a real highlight. You're working at the forefront of the IT sector and meeting the innovators of the future in Silicon Valley - it really was a once in a lifetime experience!

Where did you go from there?

After the Start up! program I worked for 18 months on the Next Generation Service and System Management project. Since July 2011 I've been working in Office Communications at Corporate IT. In January 2012 I'll take on an exciting new task, as project manager for the "Telekom Social Network". We want to develop an integral and globally accessible social media solution for the Group.

What have you taken away personally from the Start up! program?

As a Start up!, there's an incredible amount of things you can do to broaden your horizons. Here are just a few examples of my own training measures: the "Learning Company" was a very informative seminar about group dynamics, stress management and teamwork. As part of personalized training, I obtained ITIL V3 Foundation accreditation, which is a collection of best practices for implementing IT service management and thus provides a "final polish" in this area. What's more, I was able to take part in the Service Academy, an event that is normally only attended by executives. That was a great seminar.

Who inspires you?

Loriot and Steve Jobs. For me, Loriot represents the ultimate in timeless comedy. I even enjoy swapping Loriot quotes with my best friend. And I'm a huge fan of Apple's mobile products. With the iPod, iPhone and iPad, Steve Jobs created devices which have fundamentally revolutionized the way we listen to music, surf the mobile Internet or play games. I take my hat off to him.