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Meet our colleague Balàzs Hajdu, a product owner for Data Engineering and Analytics solutions.

What I do

I am designing tools and solutions that help us bring the future a bit closer. These tools can vary a lot. So my job is never really the same. I am constantly in a place where I must find new approaches for emerging challenges. A big part of my work is also communication. I am always busy with fostering collaboration with our stakeholders.

What pushes me

We want to turn Telekom into a data driven company. This is our goal and we do our best every day to succeed. For the people who work here, our clients and in the end for myself. Digitization changes our life in an extreme way. I want to shape this change and make sure that no one is left behind.

How to drive digitization

Data must be your passion. Definitely. This is a field of work that evolves so quickly. It’s impossible to be part of this without constantly pushing the envelope, evolving personally and learn something new on a daily basis.