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Meet our colleague Artemis Dampa, a Big Data Scientist for Telekom Group.

What I do

I focus on designing and developing solutions that support our transformation into a data-driven company. This comes with a lot of different and diverse tasks. I constantly try to find new ways and technologies to innovate, I brainstorm with colleagues and think creatively to come up with the next solution. Basically, we use state-of-the-art big data technologies so Telekom stays a state-of-the-art tech company.

Why I do it

Behind the topic big data, there is an even bigger picture that makes my job so fulfilling: our work helps to make people’s lives better. This thought is at the centre of everything we do. For instance, we collect, analyse and provide all the necessary information to create more personalised offerings for our clients. This way, we avoid spamming or bothering our customers and provide an excellent customer experience while always respecting their privacy. It’s all about the right service at the right time for the right customer.

How I grow with Telekom

I participate in a variety of programmes that help employees evolve and use their full potential. I have very high ambitions and receive a lot of support through group initiatives, conferences and training. I also take part in group community meetings where we exchange ideas and try to collaborate as much as possible. Here, I quickly had the opportunity not only to build my technical skills but also to become a field expert on big data projects.

Why I’m proud to be here

All in all, Telekom gives me everything I need to create work that creates an impact. We enrich the digital life of people and this becomes more and more important in our society. Plus, we show a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and voluntary activities including sports, cultural events, science and society.