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Meet our colleague Darko Raisic, a Technical Lead Manager in Vienna.

What I do

I am responsible for several OSS Integration Projects, some of which I am leading myself. Also, my role as technical lead means I am responsible for these systems in their entirety. I make sure that they are running stable at all times and introduce new features. So, I do my job in order to enable my colleagues to do theirs even better.

Why I do it

For me my job means connecting people and bringing the world closer together. We have to make sure that people are communicating and connecting freely without worrying about technical failures. So, everyone has to put trust in our work – from a tech-savvy student to his unexperienced grandmother. 

The pride I take

It doesn’t matter which unit you work in or which job background you have, in the end we all work towards this greater goal: connecting people. Something that is so important in a world where people are losing their connections more and more. We play a big part in this and I’m proud to help people experience a safe and enjoyable digital experience.