Man in front of an illustration that symbolizes Internet of Things



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Meet our colleague Ralf Krebs, an expert for IoT and smart retail at T-Systems.

What I do

I work for the T-Systems IoT unit. Plus, I’m a member of a squad team called Smart Retail. We work on the digitisation of retail trade and evaluate data with artificial intelligence. My personal task is to ensure the strategic partnership with the field service providers. With these services, such as the maintenance or installation of IoT devices, we make sure the best IoT service solutions reach our clients.

Why I do it

Almost everything surrounding the topic of digitisation has an impact on society – it’s a transformation that influences everything and everyone. And this is especially true for the Internet of things, which will help many people in their everyday life, in medicine, mobility and in their workplace, to name just a few areas. IoT will be part of everything we do and has to be centred around the people who use it. That is why it’s a great responsibility and pleasure to create these technologies.

What pushes me

There are many training courses and offers at Telekom that help you familiarise yourself with new input and inspiration. In addition, there is always the possibility to change jobs every two to four years. This helps you to stay agile and hungry, reinvent yourself and in the end always be the best employee you could possibly be.

How I shape the digital forefront

The digital world is changing at a fast pace. And I’m part of the digital transformation, I can influence this future. Not many jobs can offer such a progressive, interesting and impactful field of work. I’m proud that we accept this challenge and do our best every day to keep up with new trends and make them accessible to our clients.