Hugo V. Barbosa, Cybersecurity


#IWILLNOTSTOP leveling up our cybersecurity skill tree

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Meet our colleague Hugo Vieira Barbosa. He’s a Junior Security Engineer working in our cybersecurity unit.

What I do

I’m responsible for complex networks and highly critical infrastructure. I make sure that these systems run smoothly and without any security issues. We implement changes and always try to foresee any potential security gaps. So, my job requires me to keep up and stay ahead of technological developments. I have to learn and grow every day.

Why I do it

Our role is becoming more and more significant. Imagine what would happen if critical systems were to fail … Our world doesn’t function any more without digital technologies. So it’s a great responsibility and I’m proud to do my part in creating a safe digital space for everyone.

How we do it

We have a very agile environment with the latest technologies and highly skilled employees. The teams stick together no matter what and as a supportive community we can be strong enough to make a difference. That’s the only way we can succeed. Together.