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Meet our colleague Karolina Keszeg, a senior design manager at Design Hub EU.

What I do

I’m a project manager within the design team. That means I am creating a bridge between the business and design world. Our goal is to create a consistent and transparent user interface/experience design. This can be a TV interface, apps, IoT products or any other tool, platform or application.

Why I do it

I want to make sure we are delivering human centred design. The user should always be in the focus when we talk about tech. And no matter how complicated a product might be in the background. What the user sees should be simple, enjoyable and appealing to all. 

How I stay hungry

It try to find inspiration everywhere and stay open for new experiences. And Telekom makes that possible: I can always allocate time for my own growth. Currently, I’m preparing for a professional Scrum Master exam. In my free-time, I’m reading articles, blogs, books and watch videos about scrum framework, lean start-up and design thinking. I volunteer for two international communities and I’m one of the Hungarian representatives of Global Guides and the Hungarian Ambassador of Learning from Experts. So … let’s just say I’m never bored.