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Meet our colleague Kristijan Fistrek, a Front End Developer who believes in simplifying digital participation. 


What I do

I am something you would call a front-end developer – so my job is to come up with a concept and a design idea for the user of our technologies. Mainly I am using my skills to develop websites and applications that help our clients with their services, solve their problems and in general simplify their life.

Why I do it

On first glance, my skills enable a user to easily use and enjoy technology. If you look closer, I think it’s much more than that. In our society, digital participation is essential. There are so many parts in life that are not possible anymore without digital elements. So simplifying technology is a way of including everyone in our society. And that’s why I do it.

How I deliver

I share a special attitude with my colleagues: The persistency to put our words into actions no matter what it takes. I live by this attitude every day. And the result is a great trust our clients put in us. The belief that – even when ideas seem very bold and ambitious – we will stick to our word. This trust enables us to do great and meaningful work.