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Meet our colleague Lena Drubel, an Innovation Portfolio Manager working in Bonn

What I do

I develop and implement the strategic framework for Technology & Innovation at Telekom. Apart from my own strategic work, this also means getting a broad understanding of our innovation activities across the company. Then I support the teams in executing their ideas by removing any obstacles between them and their vision.

Why I do it

Working in the innovation field gives me a lot of possibilities to work on different topics. Me and my team are always challenging the status quo and try to focus on the customer. Everything we do is customer centric and is supposed to have an impact on our customers’ daily life. To know that something we push here may enrich lives in a few years is what brings a lot of satisfaction for me and my colleagues. 

How I innovate

Innovation for me is always about doing something better – going the extra mile. On a personal level, I also care a lot about sustainability and by that I mean going beyond designing green products and packaging. It’s about radically rethinking our business operations and processes, enhancing our brand and engaging all employees to rethink our products.