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Meet our colleague Lorenz Schwob from Switzerland, who drives the digital transformation every day with his work.

What I do

Basically, my job is about providing the equipment and services our employees need to get their work done. Telekom faces a variety of challenges every day and is at the forefront of digital progress. To tackle these challenges and succeed in every project we need to work together as tightly as possible. In this community I’m the guy who solves problems. If I do a good job, so do my colleagues.

How I do it

Since we have a lot of demands and projects from both sides – customers and company – I must work on a lot of projects simultaneously. That means facing new and diverse challenges every day and coming up with fresh ways of how to master them. This constant change makes my job very refreshing and I think it helps me to evolve personally as well. In the end it’s about giving your best every day.

The people I enable

My work doesn’t just help my colleagues at Telekom. In the end it empowers everyone out there as well. Not in a direct way, but our projects certainly have a positive societal effect down the line … and I was part of it. Making these exciting digital benefits accessible to everybody is something that motivates you, no doubt.

The people enabling me

The Telekom family is something you don’t find everywhere. It’s a unique spirit that I learned to appreciate a lot. The employees here have a strong sense of solidarity. If you’re part of the magenta family you meet lots of people who are always helpful, supporting and super-nice. With such a community it’s almost easy to achieve your goals.