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Meet our colleague Martin Bäumler, who works in Bonn for our smart city / AI projects.

What I do

When we develop a smart city product, for example an air quality measurement system, I am responsible for all aspects of it: for its creation, design, development and finally for its success on the market. To achieve these goals, I’m leading a team of great experts who bring all the skills we need to turn a vision into reality. AI plays a big role here. Furthermore, it’s important for my job to connect with a lot of people all around the company, find the right network, and thus place the final product in the right context.

Why I do it

Smart city solutions really show the vast potential of AI. It’s way more than a fancy new technology. It changes our lives and we do everything to make sure it’s for the better. The air quality project I mentioned is a good example of that. We give cities and communities a powerful tool to measure and analyse the air in a particular location. Then they can define effective ways to improve air quality. This has a direct impact on our environment and there is nothing more valuable than a healthy planet. We are thrilled and proud to help communities make sure that this world is still a great place for our grandchildren.

What pushes me

When you want to be innovative and push boundaries, you don’t have time to rest. I always go the extra mile and make sure we deliver what we have promised. The theory is that there is no permanently happy customer; there is always something on top that you can do to take your product even further. If you rest, you will bore – in the worst case yourself. It’s about embracing change and leading into the future.

How I grew with Telekom

I’m currently in my 19th year in this company. This sounds crazy – and it is. Very soon, I will have spent more days of my life with the Telekom family than without. From a superficial perspective, growing has to do with money and status. But if you look more closely, growing is about impact: impacting customers, impacting products, impacting the life of your colleagues, impacting the world by making a difference in people’s lives. For this kind of growth, Telekom is the best employer you could think of and I plan to grow here for many more years.