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Meet our colleague Petros Skouloudakis, a Senior RAN Engineer empowering business through digitalization.

What I do

I’m a Senior RAN Engineer in the Mobile Access Network Planning Section. That sounds a bit complicated but what my team does is basically planning, analysing and maintaining the mobile network. It’s a holistic job that comes with a variety of challenges. For example, I perform network analysis to troubleshoot radio-related issues. I define technical specifications and participate in the evaluation process; I provide the forecasts for various network components used for budgetary plans. In addition, I organize field trials for new antennas introduction in the network. It never gets boring.

Why I do it

Our team contributes to design the best mobile network in Greece. That means customers can enjoy the benefits of using broadband services to improve their operation. The bigger picture is prosperity for a society that is ready for the future and on the forefront of digital transformation. We enable the next generation of successful digital companies and young start-ups. For a lot of young entrepreneurs this means a chance to fulfil their dreams here in Greece. 

What makes me proud

We as Telekom not only contribute to society through technology and innovation but also through many social programs. There are initiatives for the support of vulnerable social groups, children, education, entrepreneurship, local isolated communities and culture.